zoids battle coloseum

Zoids Battle coloseum translation project

any patch links will go here.

current as of 21/04/2011 two versions if one doesn’t work use the other



use xdeltaui and name it 0709 – Zoids Battle Colosseum.nds

a link to the folder that has the remaining images that need to be translated:


The gmes are the zoids descriptions.  I am having trouble with the gmes.  When the edited gmes load up they are squished text wise.  So “lo” looks like a b with the cirlce pushed past the l.  Which is one of the reasons I took a break from this project to work on other stuff.  So far it has just been me working on this.  With the odd help from some other people.  (see this thread http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=230432&hl= )

Still working on organizing the script from this game (which is stored in the overlay).  I started back on working on this in april of 2012.


Better do a proper to do list:

zoids girl names (25 – 1 done) done as of april 15 2012

americanize character names (don’t know where to start just know I have to do it) 1 of cannot remember how many – done (text wise partially still need to do it graphically) as of april 15 2012

the script 8863 pointers I have 4127 dumped of those

the gmes (64) 4 are done  – fixed the problem I was having in getting them to display right sometime back in  October of 2011

Fixed the town names.   They were my proof of that I could safely edit and move text in an overlay file.  Also why I have a partial script dumped.

So including the gmes images there are 74 left to edit.  This includes the title screen which I am considering doing completely different than what it is currently (except for the trademark/ copyright on the bottom which will stay as is and the “zoids” thingy).  I may or may not re-do a bunch of other graphics.

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