Shiren 4 ds and shiren 4 plus psp

Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 4 – Kami no Hitomi to Akuma no Heso
Mystery Dungeon Shiren 4
the eyes of god and the devils navel

shiren koppa and his buddy set sail from the moonlight village aiming for the desert. unfortunatley a storm hits and they are shipwrecked on a tropical island. The islanders mistake Shiren and Koppa as demons. Thus the islanders try to burn them at the stake. A brave girl from the vilage named Kamina tries to save them. (I may have that wrong). Anyways she saves them but in order to save her Shiren needs to exchange a legendary treasure called “Jaguar’s Eye” for Kamina. So off he goes to on an adventure seeking treasure yet again. Featuring a new system of doing things, more varieties of food, etc.

complete translation of game into english or at the very least everything but the story.    post what I have for others to use.  (yeah use what you can and please don’t give me trouble for posting it as I am not responsible for others use)

completed goals
dual tile encode or multi tile encode the fonts
dump text to google drive link
(note this link does not contain a complete dump of  the messarc file(s) – dump may be incorrect and all of them are not dumped 11 of 129ish in the one container file also not incuding the psp version messarc files – as I have yet to dump completely all of the one much less both)

possible percentage completion – don’t even think of it – this posting is happening due to the fact that this has sat for over a year on my backup drive untouched…

software/tools used
ICY Hexporer
nds editor version0.1 (kiwi.ds)

people and their postions involved
so far just me


patch link and how to:
None available as of yet.

【Disclaimer】As this is a commercial product this game belongs to the publisher – Spike & the developer – CHUNSOFT released on February 25, 2009. The english translated patch (when it becomes available), any information contained in this thread or with the patch is only for research study purposes. Organization(s) or individual(s) may not use this product, patch or the information discussed for commercial purposes in any form. I, this website, the website hosting the images, any other websites hosting any other stuff(mentioned in this thread) will not bear any responsibility for the consequences arising from other(s) use.
If you are looking forward to further patch release(s) or are a supporter of the project hit the like button on this first post. Please DO NOT fill this thread with un-needed support posts or questions on when the patch will get released.

find 9D67枝 in game – its a character that isn’t in the dictionary.bin but is actually used in game.
unpack any and all files with an .ent counterpart
if needed dump the needed stuff from the files unpacked from above
finish dumping text from:

the psp message folder/ check if I need to dump more from the psp version… sigh… as I missed a couple things.

translate text from:
the files in the message and script folders also from the arm 9 (pointers in arm 9 are scattered each must be done manually)

edit text into:

Currently working on mte-ing the fonts.  so far very successful.  pointless without complete translation of game.  may be easier to translate the psp version and only what I can of the ds version.

Arm9 most of overlay files have text, along with the message folder.  Also 2 to 4 files in the script folder.

need to dump sir0 files from script folder files (in their own folder for every file then to investigate those in tinke or crystaltile2).  Need to do the same for the graphic files just to be sure.   Need to list files with text from overlay folder.  Need to dump text from bin files in message folder.

need to compare text from the first shiren ds games (both japanese and english)

Graphics – not much to worry about.   Have yet to go through the sound folder.

update 2/12/2017 someone dumped a huge amount of translated stuff anonymously.  Thanks but I am not really working on this.  will try to take the time to add it to the google drive.  I make no promises on this

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