Itadaki Street ds English and possibly french translation

Sorry no patch to give you yet.  I have finally managed to successfully edit some text on this game “Toad” appears correctly.  Just not in the font I thought it would…

Slowly figuring out the custom file formats of this game.

Also slowly editing the graphics.  I have already dumped the text I could find.  This game has two types of text encoding sjis and reverse byte unicode.  There is a lot I could do but I have to wait for a translation of the text I have dumped before I continue.  As I have to either rework some asm or re-encode the font graphicly.  Both of which depend on the translation.  If I get a french translation for the text I could also just as easily finish that off too.  Had past-tense so far over 5 actual people tell me they were translators and that they were working on translating what I posted.  None have gotten back to me.

file formats:

images start at 0C
image 8by8 gba 4bpp can be 16 or more. can also be gba8bpp.

gba4bpp c  first section 64w(hex40) 32h(hex20) then at40C 32by32 at 60C 16by32 at70c 64by32

unknown- may be map or pallete not sure
one file may be map file
trying to track if the numbers in file are offset addresses is not working.  they seem to be off by a little but otherwise are accurate if you look at them a certain way.   File stucture is not the same for all of them which is why I have nothing to list here really.  I am confused about the file structure as I have successfully used these same files as the pallete for the knch file that follows it of the same name.

no starting offset direct image
image 8by 8 gba4bpp
image 8by 8 gba8bpp
needs map file

.icl small file – pallette file always same size 512 padding at bottom for unused areas

.isc for sure they are map files

will add or edit these when I know more.


Am almost 7/8 the way through dumping the images fot this game.   Some of the graphics I have already edited.  Others will need the map files edited.


Finally finished dumping all the images

30 out of 153 image(s) done.  24 text based files to translate (so far).  Not including the edits that will need to be done to the map files (if I can edit them successfully).   As I have yet to go through the sound files, there mey need to be some work done there too.


Taking a break from this til I get my disassembler to “work” better.

I am sure now of which font is being used and as luck would have it – it is the only one that is a real pain to fix.  I needed to change that particular area anyways.  But… I for sure need to figure out how the map files work in this game.  Assembly wise – individually I cannot make sense of how they work.  I gave up on the idea that somehow they have pointers in there – as they logiacally are not pointing to anything.  Even in assambly (arm and thumb).  So, I have to go to the more professional disassembler and see if there is something I am missing.

Unfortunately I got sidetracked yet again by another project.   This usually happens when I have time to waist and do not want to do anything with what I am working on until X happens.  So I switch modes/games.  Sigh….

I did work on one (1) image today.   More next time I work on this (maybe).

Edit 30/05/2011

to add to the to do list; (so I don’t forget has reverse unicode and sjis text in it.

The images for the menu’s are daunting me right now.  I had a a look at someone elses project – a jrpg.  The sheer amount of text in just the one file… They have more work in that one game then all of my projects put together.   Yet, here I am avoiding getting to it.  Those silly bouncing menu items, while entertaining are pure trouble.   I am having trouble identifying the ones actually being used.  Yes this means there is a so far three dummy files that just aren’t being used for what they should be.

edit 06/10/11

I haven’t been doing that much on this.  The matrix based map files are throwing me for a loop.  I am having trouble getting the idea into my head as to how they work.  I know it is simple trigonometry based on matrice manipulation.  But…  Its either one screen of 256 by 384 or two screens of 256 by 192.  With coordinates based off of these dimensions.   one point in the matrix refers to the width one point refers to the height, and possibly a third for the depth (the ds does emulate 3d).  figuring out how the numbers translate is the problem.  I should be taking screenshots and measuring pixels and “searching” for these coordinates in files that “should” directly have these coordinates.   Its the format of the numbers that I just can’t get.  It will probably be easier to just sit down a devote myself to it.   so a 2by 2 matrix – take the top two numbers and multiply take the bottom two numbers and multiply – these should be coordinates.  What about the the four by four matrice?  Well they may be grab from here move to there.

so 100 (hex for 256) the max for width.  180 (384 two screens) height max.   A feild with 18000 possible points  of reference in hex without adding a third depth point.

oy more later…


I have been trying to  put together what I can of the one “keyboard” which I suspect is being used for the font for this game.  The parts of letters are being re-used to an almost ridiculous sense.  With the sheer amount of wasted space by the other graphics in this game I continue to find this funny.

This is improtant as figuring out the map files relies on the coordinates gleamed from the actual graphic files themsleves.  One looks this way the other looks that way to move a from b to re -use that chunk for the next following chunks… there has to be some way of recognizing this in the map file.  in the graphic position is (x,y,z) on screen it is xyz, xyz and xyz.  with out presuming some form of multiplication.  Thats one thing, presuming multiplication with differing matrice that is another matter.   which means take these number multiply them then/or multiply them (again) by this matrice to get result xyz… and then the overthinking hits me… first matrice is the in graphic coordinates the second one is the onscreen one… sigh… or vice versus… I just gotta hope there is no multiplication involved and even then that may not be a big deal.  may not even need the z of xyz.  hmmm…

next entry (possibly) – determining what type of matrix…


later that afternoon same day…

turns out the name_input font is close but not actually the font that is being used.  So I get to go back and look for it one more time.  Sure I can change it but there is another font of the same size being used after inputting the characters.

  1. vianney
    June 29, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    Hi !

    I want to traduc in french but how have you dump this game for graphic ? I have many .ICG and .ISC but i can’t open that ! what sort of program use you for HEXA ? madedit, hexworkshop?

  2. Zuza
    October 5, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    .icg + .icl + .isc = perfect picture…simply =)

  3. Tweder
    January 19, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    I appreciate the work you’re doing on this project. I am a language teacher and a graphic designer. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    • January 23, 2012 at 5:52 am

      sure get an account on gbatemp and p.m. me. (I’m not posting my email publicly here I have had spam sent previously)

  4. Zuza
    August 14, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    wht bout .itms and .ena files? and also wld love to know where to find tht text Toad speak in beginin? no luck finding it 😥

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