Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen


Started dumping the overlay text.  I have up to 6 dumped and 14.  overlay 14 is the opening text/the first chapter.  Which makes it perfect for testing possibly inserting larger overlay files.  This could be very very handy.

I have a discord page for this  discord sakura taisen because you are there page.

This is the google drive link for overlay 14.

I know doesn’t seem like much of an update, but bigger overlay files will be necessary for other projects and I need to test on this first.  Mostly due the structure of these overlay files with the text at the end of the file.  Leaving them wide open for expansion.  May update this later.


the following is a much much earlier post not connected with this one probably before 2011.

I had a setback when I lost all of the work I had done on this game.  I had to re-do all of it.  Thus the patch I posted in the one thread is out of date.  The next patch will have slightly more done.

What needs to be done for this:

  • the script (which I may not do)
  • the graphics (there really isn’t that much)
  • the encyclopedia
  • the menu (I already have done the menu partially) and help files


Did just a little on the help file.  Last time I tried it went very slowly and I decided to work on something that held my interest more.  (Just part of my personality, I need many different things to work on so when my attention slips -oh there’s something else).

The reason I may not do the script is that there is a lot of it.  I am a fan of this type of game not the Sakura Taisen series itself.  Why are you working on this you ask?  I AM A FAN OF THIS TYPE OF GAME AND THIS GAME IS FUN.  Despite largely being in japanese.

I can easily do the items, monsters & menu stuff.  But the script, sigh, will need a fan to do.  As I cannot do it justice.

I am still getting the hang of working with the images in this game (the gosh dang palette’s).  So any complaints with the image work will be heard but I most likely will not be able to do anything about those complaints til everything else is done.

edit 22/05/2011

thinking of starting another blog for each project.

So, spent the last few days on the help file and the monster names.  Halfway done for the monster names.  I cannot give an accurate measurement of how far I am done with the help file.  What I can say is that this is just a first draft for the help file.  Play testing what I have done has proven that there are more then a few errors.  I am still deciding whether I should leave it like that – with the errors.   (I’ll translate what I can then see if I have the energy to clean it up then).

Playing with the monster names is much more satisfactory.  Filling in their descriptions will not make it more fun, just a little more interesting.  Having the help file translated so far has not done anything for me.  as this is all stuff you can figure out for yourself.  Same basic game play as Shiren the wanderer.   It is nice though knowing what your limitations are.


Trap names are done.

All but one enemy name is done.

I have slowly been working on the opening dialogue.  I got stuck though, there was one part that didn’t make sense anyway I looked at it.

Still working on the one help file, will get back to it when I finish up with something else.  Still haven’t fixed the place name graphics.  Just when I think I have got it… sigh.

2/12/2017 for you completion types this is what I have on this the images may be done they may not be but what does need work is listed. Except for the actual text that will eventually be up on my google drive.  I made a blank for the top_place files but am still wishy washy about matching text color to the former untranslated versions…

Just having the text dumped is big for me.  To note for the hackers the pointers in the overlay files all point to the text at the end of the overlays.  I haven’t tried expanding and inserting these files yet.  just knowing that the text is there at the end of the file and better that it gets an assigned place in memory just sigh gets my hopes up.

FSI.CT/overlay9_0001.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0002.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0003.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0004.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0005.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0006.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0007.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0008.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0009.bin dumped
FSI.CT/overlay9_0014.bin dumped
CAMPDATA.DAT dump partial trans
CITR.DAT dump partial trans
Arm 9 partial dump
top_place_00.bin 出 撃 sortie
top_place_01.bin 大帝国劇場 Impirial theatre
top_place_02.bin 作戦指令室 Control room
top_place_03.bin 上野公園 Ueno Park
top_place_04.bin 深川屋敷地下 Fukagawa underground
top_place_05.bin 銀座地下道 ginza Subway
top_place_06.bin 渋谷大空洞 Shibuya Cave
top_place_07.bin 大河のアパート River Apartment
top_place_08.bin ビレッジ地下道 Village subway
top_place_09.bin リトルリップ・シアター Little lips theatre
top_place_10.bin セントラルパーク Central park
top_place_11.bin サニーサイド邸 sunnyside Manor
top_place_12.bin 摩天楼タワー Skyscraper Tower
top_place_13.bin エイハブ Ahab
top_place_14.bin シャンゼリゼ地下水道 Elysees Champs Sewer
top_place_15.bin シャンゼリゼ地下洞窟 Elysees Champs Cave
top_place_16.bin テアトル・シャノワール Chat noir theatre
top_place_17.bin ルーブル美術館 Louvre
top_place_18.bin ノートルダム寺院 Notre Dame Cathedral
top_place_19.bin 南極 antartica
top_place_20.bin 氷獄 Deep ice
top_place_22.bin 帝撃 作戦指令室 war room
top_place_23.bin 帝撃 倉庫 warehouse
top_place_24.bin 帝撃 格納庫 hangar
top_place_25.bin 大帝国劇場 売店 Imperial theatre shop
top_place_26.bin 大帝国劇場 舞台 Imperial Theatre stage
top_place_27.bin 大帝国劇場 舞台邸 Imperial Theatre stage House
top_place_28.bin 大帝国劇場楽屋 Imperial Theatre Backstage
top_place_29.bin 大帝国劇場 衣装部屋 Imperial Theatre dressing room
top_place_30.bin 大帝国劇場 道具部屋 Imperial Theatre equipment room
top_place_31.bin 大帝国劇場 サロン Imperial Theatre Salon
top_place_32.bin 大帝国劇場 図書室 Imperial Theatre Library
top_place_33.bin 大帝国劇場 屋根裏部屋 Imperial Theatre attic
top_place_34.bin 大帝国劇場 シャワー室 Imperial Theatre shower room
top_place_35.bin 大帝国劇場 支配人室 Imperial Theatre manager’s office
top_place_36.bin 大帝国劇場 事務室 Imperial Theatre office
top_place_37.bin 大帝国劇場 食堂 Imperial Theatre dining
top_place_38.bin 大帝国劇場 ロビー Imperial Theatre lobby
top_place_39.bin 大帝国劇場 中庭 Imperial Theatre courtyard
top_place_40.bin 大帝国劇場 テラス Imperial Theatre Terrace
top_place_41.bin 銀座 Ginza
top_place_42.bin 深川屋敷 Fukagawa Mansion
top_place_43.bin 薪 宿 Firewood inn
top_place_44.bin 渋谷 Shibuya
top_place_45.bin シアター 作戦指令室 theatre operation room
top_place_46.bin シアター 倉庫 theatre warehouse
top_place_47.bin シアター整備場 Theatre improv park
top_place_48.bin シアター 売店 theatre shop
top_place_49.bin シアター ステージ theatre stage
top_place_50.bin シアター 舞台邸 theatre performance hall
top_place_51.bin シアター 楽屋 dressing room
top_place_52.bin シアター 大道具部屋 theatre scene dock
top_place_53.bin シアター 屋サロン theatre shop salon
top_place_54.bin シアター 露天風呂 theatre open air bath
top_place_55.bin シアター 支配人室 Theatre manager’s office
top_place_56.bin シアター 秘書室 Theatre secretary’s office
top_place_57.bin シアター ドリンクバー theatre Bar
top_place_59.bin ビレッジ地区 village Area
top_place_60.bin ミッドタウン地区 Midtown Area
top_place_61.bin シャノワール 作戦指令室 Chat Noir War room
top_place_62.bin シャノワール 倉庫 Chat Noir warehouse
top_place_63.bin シャノワール 格納庫 Chat Noir hangar
top_place_64.bin シャノワール 売店 Chat Noir shop
top_place_65.bin シャノワール ステージ Chat Noir stage
top_place_66.bin シャノワール 舞台裏 Chat Noir behind the scenes
top_place_67.bin シャノワール 楽屋 Chat Noir dressing room
top_place_68.bin シャノワール 道具室 Chat Noir tool room
top_place_69.bin シャノワール シャノワー室 Chat Noir shower room
top_place_70.bin シャノワール 支配人室 Chat Noir manager’s office
top_place_71.bin シャノワール 秘書室 Chat Noir secretary’s office
top_place_72.bin シャノワール バー Noir Bar
top_place_73.bin シャノワール ロビー Chat Noir lobby
top_place_74.bin シャノワール ポーチ Chat Noir Porch
top_place_75.bin シャンゼリゼ Elysees Champs
top_place_76.bin ルーブル美術館 地下 Louvre Basement
top_place_77.bin ノートルダム寺院 地下 Notre Dame Cathedral Basement
top_place_78.bin 大帝国劇場 音楽室 Imperial theatre Music Room
top_place_79.bin 大帝国劇場 2F音 IT Sound
top_place_80.bin 大帝国劇場 遊戯室 Imperial theatre Play room
top_place_81.bin 大帝国劇場 隊長室 ITC Captains Quarters
top_place_82.bin 大帝国劇場 廊下 Imperial theatre Hallway
top_place_83.bin 大帝国劇場 かえでの部屋 Imperial theatre Maple Room
top_place_84.bin 帝撃 地下廊下 IT Basement Hallway
top_place_85.bin 帝撃 薔薇組の部屋 IT Rose Room
top_place_86.bin 帝撃 蒸気演算器室 IT Main Steam Room
top_place_87.bin 帝撃 医務室 IT Infirmary
top_place_88.bin 大帝国劇場 鍛錬室 IT Training room
top_place_89.bin 大帝国劇場 地下プール IT Basement Pool
top_place_90.bin 大帝国劇場 更友室 IT Basement Hallway
top_place_91.bin 大帝国劇場 浴室 Theatre Bathroom
top_place_92.bin シアター ロビー theatre Lobby
top_place_93.bin シアター 客席 Theatre Seats
top_place_94.bin シアター 屋エレベー夕ー Theatre rooftop elevator?
top_place_96.bin ホテル Hotel
top_place_97.bin 五番街 5th avenue street
top_place_98.bin 高級店 luxury store
top_place_99.bin 高級アパート luxury apartment
top_place_A0.bin Romando
top_place_A1.bin 路地裏 back alley
top_place_A2.bin ジャズバー Jazz Bar
top_place_A3.bin 法律事務所 Law Firm
top_place_A4.bin 教会 Church
top_place_A5.bin カフェレストラン Cafe restaraunt
top_place_A6.bin 図書館 library
top_place_A7.bin ジェミニのアパート Gemini’s Apartment
top_place_A8.bin マギーの店 Mcghee’s shop
top_place_A9.bin ウォール街 wall street
top_place_B0.bin チャイナ夕ウソ Chinatown
top_place_B1.bin 倉庫街 warehouse district
top_place_B2.bin 工事現場 construction Site
top_place_B3.bin 臨海公園 seaside park
top_place_B4.bin シャノワール 貴賓室 Chat noir VIP room
top_place_B5.bin シャノワール 厨房 Chat noir kitchen
top_place_B6.bin シャノワール 地下倉庫 Chat noir basement
top_place_B7.bin 市場 market
top_place_B8.bin ブルーメール邸 Bleumer mansion
top_place_B9.bin ブルーメール邸 ロビー Bleumer mansion Lobby
top_place_C0.bin グリシーヌの部屋 Glycines room
top_place_C1.bin 花火の部屋 pyrotechnics Room
top_place_C2.bin 日本大使館前 japan embassy
top_place_C3.bin 公園 park
top_place_C4.bin 水辺の橋 Waterside Bridge
top_place_C5.bin サーカス Circus
top_place_C6.bin テルトル広場 Place du Tertre
top_place_C7.bin カフェ Cafe
top_place_C8.bin 大神のアパート Ogami Apartment
top_place_C9.bin 花屋 Flower Shop
top_place_D0.bin バ ー bar
top_place_D1.bin リストランテ ristorante
top_place_D3.bin エリカの部屋 Erica’s room
top_place_D4.bin 警察署 Police Station
top_place_D5.bin 図書館 library
top_place_D6.bin シャノワール前ボーチ Chat noir Pouch
top_place_D7.bin コクリコの部屋 Coquelicot’s Room
top_place_E0.bin 巴里クエスト Paris Quest
top_place_E1.bin ソロクエスト Solo Quest
top_place_E2.bin 究極クエスト ultimate quest
top_place_E3.bin 大江戸大空洞 Oedo Large Cave
top_place_E4.bin 崩れゆく氷獄 Deep Ice prison
top_place_E5.bin マルチプレイ対戦1 multiplayer game 1
top_place_E6.bin マルチプレイ対戦2 multiplayer game 2
top_place_E7.bin マルチプレイ対戦3 multiplayer game 3
top_place_E8.bin マルチプレイ中級1 multiplayer intermediate 1
top_place_E9.bin マルチプレイ中級2 multiplayer intermediate 2
top_place_F0.bin マルチプレイ中級3 multiplayer intermediate 3
top_place_F1.bin マルチプレイ上級1 multiplayer advanced 1
top_place_F2.bin マルチプレイ上級2 multiplayer advanced 2
top_place_F3.bin マルチプレイ上級3 multiplayer advanced 3
top_place_F4.bin マルチプレイ対級 multiplayer vs
top_place_F5.bin 演目 repertoire
top_place_F6.bin 地下倉庫 Basement Storage
top_screen_title_00.bin its blank use for edit of other title
top_screen_title_01.bin 詳細情報 detailed information
top_screen_title_02.bin Map
top_screen_title_04.bin アイテム詳細 Item details
top_screen_title_05.bin 隊長命令 Captains orders
top_screen_title_06.bin パーティー情報 Party Information
top_screen_title_07.bin プロフィール Profile
top_screen_title_08.bin モンスタープロフィール monster Profile
top_screen_title_09.bin 對戦 状沢 決對?
top_screen_title_10.bin モンスター情報
top_screen_title_11.bin ワナ情報
cpk from the cpk file
ID01179 has text will need mapping
ID01378 theatre with logo need edit
ID01379 use 01487.ntft.png “第一話 オルレアンの少女” Episode 1 Maid of Orleans
ID01380 第二話 摩天楼の魔人 episode 2 Skyscraper demon
ID01381 第三話 ルーブルの秘宝 Epsiode 3 treasures of the Louvre
ID01382 最終回 白き氷河の果てに final episode Glacial White End
ID01418 mansion gate with something to translate clut file
ID01538 title screens offset 878
ID01539 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01540 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01542 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01544 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01548 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01551 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01553 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01558 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01560 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01561 needs mapping and several parts need work
ID01563 needs mapping and several parts need work
eyecatch01_00.bin 深川屋敷地下 Fukagawa Basement
eyecatch01_01.bin 上野公園 Ueno Park
eyecatch01_02.bin 上野公園 ueno Park
eyecatch01_03.bin 銀座地下道 Ginza Subway
eyecatch01_04.bin 渋谷大空洞 Shibuya Cave
eyecatch02_01.bin ビレッジ地下道 Village subway
eyecatch02_02.bin セントラルパーク Central park
eyecatch02_03.bin 摩天楼タワー skyscraper tower”skyscraper”
eyecatch02_04.bin 紐育 New york
eyecatch03_01.bin シャンゼリゼ 地下水道 Ulysese Sewer
eyecatch03_02.bin ルーブル美術館 Louvre
eyecatch03_03.bin ノートルダム寺院地下 Notre dame crypt
eyecatch04_01.bin 氷獄 Deep ice
  1. Epi
    June 20, 2011 at 12:47 am

    Glad to see someone working on this.

  2. July 6, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Hi, Rastsan! I find your project at GBAtemp. You did post a rapidshare link with your patch, and since the link was dead, you said you could send it via PM. Anyway, is there a beta version around?

    Sorry about my English, and congrats for your hard work!

  3. Thrawn
    March 21, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Hello there, Rastsan.

    Well I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a translation of… well sakura taisen.
    I know that is a very very very old title and translation project, but do you still have the xdelta patch? And sorry to ask a maybe stupid question, but what kind of tool do you use to extract the text file from the rom? I used console tool, to get the whole rom open wide, but I have no clue where the text file(s) might be as my only clue is this text folder with two dat files but I don’t know how to edit or open them so that they have a meaningful content.

    Thank you in advance, and sorry to have bothered you.

    • March 22, 2013 at 10:15 pm

      the text is in several files. The arm9, overlays and the two dat files. the one dat file is the help file. The other dat file is the monster and character information. Real easy to dump from the pointers. I do have large chunks of them translated. though I haven’t done anything on this game since 2011. If you can translate without the help of an online translator comment again as I have some work for you.

      • Thrawn
        March 25, 2013 at 10:47 am

        Hey Rastsan, thank you very much for the reply.
        Well I’m not fluent in japanese, sorry. BUT I have a lot of time at my hand to try and translate it with said online and offline translators. So I would want to either way offer my help or the other way die trying alone 🙂

        Thanks in advance, Thrawn

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