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September 18, 2015 Leave a comment


Dungeon of Windaria

Finished all graphics including the credits.  Any errors found within those credits I don’t really care about.  you can always send me a message if you see something you disagree with.

What is left is the story script and the items.

shiren 5 ds

Dumped graphics major headway in dumping text from this game alot of it is duplicates from shiren 4.

Shiren 4

oy where to begin… so much text.  so much translating… blah.  I have no idea of the project stats on this.   as I still need to figure out how to get bigger than original SIR0 text files to be read correctly by the game.  yeah with optimizing memory space.  15000 entries in just the one file. (it think it is a blur).  The ds version is stalled until I solve the sir0 issue but the psp version is more forgiving in this (way more forgiving).  Anyone wants to help send me a message on gbatemp…

Itadaki street ds.  I made some headway in the graphics.  This is on the back burner.   Eventual goal of two patches one with a translation the other a translation and removal of super mario related stuff.  Strictly dragon quest characters.

Dramatic dungeon sakura taisen Haven’t really done anything on this as it is stalled until I play through the end and do a bunch of memory dumps from the various chapters while playing.  This is necessary to align the pointers in the overlay files with the memory dumps to correctly translate the text.  Image wise I have the location stuff I need to finish.  which just is identifying the characters in those images and cross referencing it with other official english sakura tiasen games.  This game covers (I think) 1 to 4 of other sakura games.  Also I haven’t even tried to compress the edited stuff from the one cpk file and reinsert.

Zoids Battle Coloseum  sigh the script for this… I haven’t done anything on this since October 2013.  I love rogue likes too much.  That And my life got in the way.

For Okeari chibi robo game I was nothing more than the guy who dumped the graphics/text.  Don’t expect more than my inserting it back in…

The elminage stuff… sigh.  After having that crappy hard drive break down with no recovery possible I was majorly setback with alot of these projects.  Elminage spcecific though it went form 45% done to 4% taught me a lesson about backing up.  The positive side is that nearly every other project had been saved elsewhere and/or wasn’t that much work lost.  Just this that left me more upset.  technically there is more done for the ds version but I am thinking of dropping this.  using it for a hack for something else.

Date ni game.  There is a patch.  No its not done.  If nobody minds that the quests maybe short formed for space issues I could probably get this done.  The only other issue after that is one or two files that would need a complete rewrite as the english verison would have nearly completely different sentence structures.  Tempted to leave the patch as is and say I am done with it as not many people have an interest in playing this.  As I write this I am checking the mediafire download link for it and ….connection timeout… google search for mediafire then link click and connection timeout… again… okay well… and my 4shared account has been wiped out and there are 0 files… gosh dang it.  soooo…. bleh… 40+ minutes later and finally in to mediafire… turns out the date ni game patch has been downloaded as of this date only 43 times…

looks like I need to update the Itadaki street ds images folder on my mediafire account…

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July 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Did a little on date ni game.  Realized I had not much left other than the script to get too… most of which is easy.

Went over the images in dungeon of windaria… Thought about doing them over again.

Same for the other projects… posting to or at least creating a complete portfolio of all my game image work.  Which after just 8 games  numbered well over the 10000 range… just gah… organized by game (there are more games than that and I do have 2 other profiles other than rastsan that I work under – a german one which I haven’t used in 3 or 4 years and another one both of which are more successful than this one).  Which inspired me to organize my other works.  Leaving that why haven’t I kept up with the times feeling…  I am an old school carry them with you guy.   You know the artistic portfolio that weighs a minimum of 50 pounds (just the painted works by the way).   add these to the mess… my acting career, my modelling career, my photography work, my sculpture work, my restoration work, my not for profit volunteer conservator work… or just the volunteer work…my immense and diversified life as a pro temp… it just blah.   My linked in profile just does not do justice to what I have accomplished.  This year alone I had three people tell me to get out of the grocery store dairy room job and get back to what used to make me real money.  But as that dairy job is my second real full time job (in my entire life), I kinda wanted to see how long it would last.  My instincts kept telling me this isn’t for me.  still are.

Why am I posting this here.  Last year I accepted  pay for actual game translation work.  I have yet to add this to my linked in profile.  It is to me a big decision to include that.  As once I do I should probably include all of my work which means that complete online profile and making and taking my trans projects serious(legal).  which is bigger than you think.  One of which you already know I have had to pay for.

my instincts are telling me the increased calls to my lawyer are not good news for me…

I know heavy thoughts… the one horoscope said go with your instincts and stop thinking about it.

to post or not to post this…. sigh

well just had a reminder…

April 13, 2014 Leave a comment

I haven’t updated this in a while. I wish good luck to whomever is doing the latest 7th dragon patch. I had a polite email from my lawyer after he received an inquiry asking if I had anything to do with it. I had him answer no. (which cost me $200)

Please do not ask me about it. Do not for a second think I have a patch or would have anything to do with it. Your messages will be ignored and any comments may be directed to the trash bin.

I will not be responsible for others actions.


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dungeon of windaria stuff (28-06-2013)

June 28, 2013 1 comment

10 more monster descriptions

the main story (600 lines) (the first part I have muddled through)

about 12 items/weapons

the unlockable specials which goes hand in hand with the weapons/item

re-doing the unknown items

re-doing attacks

that is all that is left to finish off dungeon of windaria.

seriously if you are a bored translator hit up this link and go to the story tab.   Everything else I think I can handle.  But if you are that bored then hey I would appreciate any help (with any of it).



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ricochet beetle you say…?… really?

June 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Yeah the description did not match the name or vice versa.  I had to play in game to see if there was a better way to describe it than the three possible ways I could translate it.  All of which did not actually describe it right.   So I scrapped what others might insist I put as that WOULD be what it translates too.  I put my own and screw any who disagree.  Of course Rikko say beetle which was sent to me by my double checker was even more hilarious.  “Rikko say what?   There is no rikko character in this game so that doesn’t make sense…”


even funnier ricochet beetle still is not the right name either… blah… you’ld have to see it in game, just no…. no… no… but lo I leave as it tis.



Other wise I have been just dumping text, formatting translated text, and getting my artistic freak on.  My family and friends on facebook (not the gbatemp one) will be treated to a couple of paintings I did while waiting in the hospital.   Though not the sketches, as the sketches are of adult nature and shall not be posted there.   Still saving money for art supplies/renting a gallery for a show.

craving pickled beets and capers… still…

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canada’s new copyright what it may mean for me

April 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Well… that was an interesting read.

I would welcome you all to consider me an artist and anything I produce my artistic works.   I would also welcome you to my up and coming shows to demonstrate such work.  I also hope you look forward to some changes I may have to make in respect to respecting canada’s copyright.   (I’ve got a crapload of graphic work to “do” over).  I will now have to make a few suggestions to people in projects I have been part of.   That whole extended to other countries part may save me or screw me over….  thankfully there is no date enforceable as of yet… but still.

So, I’ll give you an example.  Previously I was given notice that I was infringing.  that infringement actually didn’t mean that much in terms of canada as said infringement needs further litigation and demonstration of…  Now though legally my service providers only have to give notice, whether I take it down or not is my sole responsibility.  the terms thereof have changed.    Which also, yes I should take it down right away.   there is a slight out though.  whether it will work or not…  meh….

Does it sound like I am panicking?   well kinda yes.   Those of you in canada in similar circumstances or to those whose projects are based on anything originally produced in canada – I look forward to your (documented) public displays of your original works as well.



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February 26, 2013 1 comment

okay mapped out some more stuff in elminage 2 psp.  all I have to do is insert most of my translated stuff in… er, now.  So the psp version will match what I have done for the ds version.   I also took a look into elminage gothic.  which aside from the script I can get a good chunk form it translated as well.

I also have been working albeit slowly on okeari chibi robo.

so not much news but still it is an update.


Life wise, I crossed off 4 more things on my life to do list  in the last week.  Plum wine, kirin beer, and (2 different adult nature content block).

next week I get to look into making my own wine.   Pick up literature and look into motorbike drivers licence.

oh and pricing out door food cart stuff.

can you just see me driving my food cart behind my motorbike to my corner and making x food for the day?