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July 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Did a little on date ni game.  Realized I had not much left other than the script to get too… most of which is easy.

Went over the images in dungeon of windaria… Thought about doing them over again.

Same for the other projects… posting to or at least creating a complete portfolio of all my game image work.  Which after just 8 games  numbered well over the 10000 range… just gah… organized by game (there are more games than that and I do have 2 other profiles other than rastsan that I work under – a german one which I haven’t used in 3 or 4 years and another one both of which are more successful than this one).  Which inspired me to organize my other works.  Leaving that why haven’t I kept up with the times feeling…  I am an old school carry them with you guy.   You know the artistic portfolio that weighs a minimum of 50 pounds (just the painted works by the way).   add these to the mess… my acting career, my modelling career, my photography work, my sculpture work, my restoration work, my not for profit volunteer conservator work… or just the volunteer work…my immense and diversified life as a pro temp… it just blah.   My linked in profile just does not do justice to what I have accomplished.  This year alone I had three people tell me to get out of the grocery store dairy room job and get back to what used to make me real money.  But as that dairy job is my second real full time job (in my entire life), I kinda wanted to see how long it would last.  My instincts kept telling me this isn’t for me.  still are.

Why am I posting this here.  Last year I accepted  pay for actual game translation work.  I have yet to add this to my linked in profile.  It is to me a big decision to include that.  As once I do I should probably include all of my work which means that complete online profile and making and taking my trans projects serious(legal).  which is bigger than you think.  One of which you already know I have had to pay for.

my instincts are telling me the increased calls to my lawyer are not good news for me…

I know heavy thoughts… the one horoscope said go with your instincts and stop thinking about it.

to post or not to post this…. sigh



December 2, 2013 Leave a comment

It has been a while…

I have been working on a few things.

20 items/weapons done for Dungeon of Windaria.   About 300 lines of editing for okeari chibi robo (which is for me an achievement as I find editing that boring to the point of putting me to sleep within 5 minutes).   Half the prologue for date ni game edited in.  Testing and more testing and yet more testing for shiren the wanderer 4 (ds and psp).    The psp  version takes full width text but not ascii due to the compression it uses.  The ds version I have been fiddling with that font over and over as it unfortunately has to have a font edit.  Dramtatic dungeon sakura taisen… I have been redumping then doing a slightly better job translating then editing that stuff back in.  I have no idea what to put as to the progress for all of these.  Zoids battle coloseum I translated about 80 lines of text.  Which I have yet to insert.  Itadaki street ds – well aside from trying some awkward graphic inserts  there is no progress.  considering a much needed asm hack for this and or just posting what has been done and leaving it gasp “incomplete”.    sigh.   The elminage 2 projects psp and nds are stalled right now.  their is a limitation on both of these games as to what I can insert.  The psp especially as memory tracking on it has proven too time consuming.  Where as on the ds version it is a matter of just dealing with the limits for the text.  Which leaves things short formed and or very confusing.  Which by and by was how it seems to have been intended.   It is only due to my dyslexia/other learning disabilities that I am aware of the leaps to certain conclusions the programmers/writers were making.   I have had to always go back and check my work to make sure that I do not do exactly that.  just make a conclusion without explaining myself.   So it was interesting to find it in a game.  alas there is no space to explain what needs to in game.  Which again leaves me with the urge to post what work I have done drop them as a project and move on.

That leaves the android translation of a megames game twilight labyrinth.   its just an alice in wonderland roguelike.  I have dumped the images and am still in the process of dumping the text.  The text needs to be converted due to its encoding.  I have already tested and know that ascii can be used in game.

I am roguelike fan.  If you know of any short android roguelikes out there that could use a translation let me know.


As to my life… last week was one of those weeks where I questioned everything going on and wondered “why am I doing this?  Why am I putting up with being treated this way?”



February 26, 2013 1 comment

okay mapped out some more stuff in elminage 2 psp.  all I have to do is insert most of my translated stuff in… er, now.  So the psp version will match what I have done for the ds version.   I also took a look into elminage gothic.  which aside from the script I can get a good chunk form it translated as well.

I also have been working albeit slowly on okeari chibi robo.

so not much news but still it is an update.


Life wise, I crossed off 4 more things on my life to do list  in the last week.  Plum wine, kirin beer, and (2 different adult nature content block).

next week I get to look into making my own wine.   Pick up literature and look into motorbike drivers licence.

oh and pricing out door food cart stuff.

can you just see me driving my food cart behind my motorbike to my corner and making x food for the day?

Bored at st. Mikes

June 27, 2012 1 comment

He’s having surgery today, it’s the third time for the same area.  I am sitting in the wheelchair that I will be pushing him in later.  THE SURGERY went fine.  I am just waiting for them to call me in.  Then it will just be waiting for him to urinate so then we can go. 

Should have brought the laptop. 

Strange street

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Visited Strange street.  I wanted to check out the one parking lot and the park behind it.

The parking lot that used to be public, is now a parking lot for some sort of centre.  the park that used to be behind it and rightfully should not have been touched is now a crappily done garden… (very crappily).

I wish I had been able to attend the auction for the property… My own place on strange street…. sigh.

Well, I took a break from zoids battle coloseum as the pointer thing was getting irritating.

I moved on to Itadaki street to clean up some things and make sure I had a complete list of files that needed a translation.

Got two images done for itadaki.  (Sarcastic) feel the sense accomplishment.

Aside from that I am just depressed over my continued unemployment.  I am seriously thinking of selling everything and going to whatever city will hire me full time (again).

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“Last Night”

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

So, I just watched a movie I haven’t seen for over ten years.  “Last Night” with Sandra Oh.  It changed my life.  I was already living like every day could be my last day (I still am).  But this made me re-consider.  I decided to look for and enjoy as much of the pleasures there was to be had…

I had already done pretty much everything I wanted to in life.

You know the movie “bucket list” well I was ahead of that by about a good ten years.   So, one of the last items on the one list is now done.  I have loved with all my heart – someone.

But… I feel a need to do some of the other things on my lists.  That might mean leaving them behind.

To do the one I am going to need to learn more about sculpture, massive earth works, and engineering.

The other things on the list are slowly being worked on.

Back to “Last Night” I bought a poster, and a pin. For ten brief minutes the movie itself in dvd form.  Why only ten minutes well I was robbed.

Watching it today… Brought back memories.  Stirred up feelings, and such.

Which is why I brought up the lists.  The first hundred, all except one, I did in one summer when I was younger.  The second and third lists are still being worked on.

Time to go out and get some stuff.

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