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Dungeon of Windaria

Finished all graphics including the credits.  Any errors found within those credits I don’t really care about.  you can always send me a message if you see something you disagree with.

What is left is the story script and the items.

shiren 5 ds

Dumped graphics major headway in dumping text from this game alot of it is duplicates from shiren 4.

Shiren 4

oy where to begin… so much text.  so much translating… blah.  I have no idea of the project stats on this.   as I still need to figure out how to get bigger than original SIR0 text files to be read correctly by the game.  yeah with optimizing memory space.  15000 entries in just the one file. (it think it is a blur).  The ds version is stalled until I solve the sir0 issue but the psp version is more forgiving in this (way more forgiving).  Anyone wants to help send me a message on gbatemp…

Itadaki street ds.  I made some headway in the graphics.  This is on the back burner.   Eventual goal of two patches one with a translation the other a translation and removal of super mario related stuff.  Strictly dragon quest characters.

Dramatic dungeon sakura taisen Haven’t really done anything on this as it is stalled until I play through the end and do a bunch of memory dumps from the various chapters while playing.  This is necessary to align the pointers in the overlay files with the memory dumps to correctly translate the text.  Image wise I have the location stuff I need to finish.  which just is identifying the characters in those images and cross referencing it with other official english sakura tiasen games.  This game covers (I think) 1 to 4 of other sakura games.  Also I haven’t even tried to compress the edited stuff from the one cpk file and reinsert.

Zoids Battle Coloseum  sigh the script for this… I haven’t done anything on this since October 2013.  I love rogue likes too much.  That And my life got in the way.

For Okeari chibi robo game I was nothing more than the guy who dumped the graphics/text.  Don’t expect more than my inserting it back in…

The elminage stuff… sigh.  After having that crappy hard drive break down with no recovery possible I was majorly setback with alot of these projects.  Elminage spcecific though it went form 45% done to 4% taught me a lesson about backing up.  The positive side is that nearly every other project had been saved elsewhere and/or wasn’t that much work lost.  Just this that left me more upset.  technically there is more done for the ds version but I am thinking of dropping this.  using it for a hack for something else.

Date ni game.  There is a patch.  No its not done.  If nobody minds that the quests maybe short formed for space issues I could probably get this done.  The only other issue after that is one or two files that would need a complete rewrite as the english verison would have nearly completely different sentence structures.  Tempted to leave the patch as is and say I am done with it as not many people have an interest in playing this.  As I write this I am checking the mediafire download link for it and ….connection timeout… google search for mediafire then link click and connection timeout… again… okay well… and my 4shared account has been wiped out and there are 0 files… gosh dang it.  soooo…. bleh… 40+ minutes later and finally in to mediafire… turns out the date ni game patch has been downloaded as of this date only 43 times…

looks like I need to update the Itadaki street ds images folder on my mediafire account…

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