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January 5 2014

Happy New Year.

In the last day or two I finished translating about 3/4 of Dungeon of Windaria’s story.

finished off 7 items, leaving over 35 items left to translate.   also done in the last couple days, several of the Unlockable specials.   which leaves 5 left of those unlockable specials to do.

Enemies and their descriptions are done.

This all put together could mean an actual patch release within the next month.


Otherwise I have just been working on sakura taisen Re working the title screen.  Over and over (thanks to windows update and my lack of saving).  I was half way done with 6 hours of  work…. sigh…  As well as getting location graphics correctly identified and dumped.   The game covers a much larger portion of the series than I had previously thought…


I also was dumping more text for twilight labyrinth (android).  But that was just before new years.

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  1. lum0s
    April 5, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Hi just stumbled across your psts. Hope you’re still working on translating this game. I relly love the mystery dungeon styled games–can’t get enough! I’ll cheer you on 😀

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