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dungeon of windaria stuff (28-06-2013)

June 28, 2013 1 comment

10 more monster descriptions

the main story (600 lines) (the first part I have muddled through)

about 12 items/weapons

the unlockable specials which goes hand in hand with the weapons/item

re-doing the unknown items

re-doing attacks

that is all that is left to finish off dungeon of windaria.

seriously if you are a bored translator hit up this link and go to the story tab.   Everything else I think I can handle.  But if you are that bored then hey I would appreciate any help (with any of it).



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ricochet beetle you say…?… really?

June 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Yeah the description did not match the name or vice versa.  I had to play in game to see if there was a better way to describe it than the three possible ways I could translate it.  All of which did not actually describe it right.   So I scrapped what others might insist I put as that WOULD be what it translates too.  I put my own and screw any who disagree.  Of course Rikko say beetle which was sent to me by my double checker was even more hilarious.  “Rikko say what?   There is no rikko character in this game so that doesn’t make sense…”


even funnier ricochet beetle still is not the right name either… blah… you’ld have to see it in game, just no…. no… no… but lo I leave as it tis.



Other wise I have been just dumping text, formatting translated text, and getting my artistic freak on.  My family and friends on facebook (not the gbatemp one) will be treated to a couple of paintings I did while waiting in the hospital.   Though not the sketches, as the sketches are of adult nature and shall not be posted there.   Still saving money for art supplies/renting a gallery for a show.

craving pickled beets and capers… still…

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