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canada’s new copyright what it may mean for me

Well… that was an interesting read.

I would welcome you all to consider me an artist and anything I produce my artistic works.   I would also welcome you to my up and coming shows to demonstrate such work.  I also hope you look forward to some changes I may have to make in respect to respecting canada’s copyright.   (I’ve got a crapload of graphic work to “do” over).  I will now have to make a few suggestions to people in projects I have been part of.   That whole extended to other countries part may save me or screw me over….  thankfully there is no date enforceable as of yet… but still.

So, I’ll give you an example.  Previously I was given notice that I was infringing.  that infringement actually didn’t mean that much in terms of canada as said infringement needs further litigation and demonstration of…  Now though legally my service providers only have to give notice, whether I take it down or not is my sole responsibility.  the terms thereof have changed.    Which also, yes I should take it down right away.   there is a slight out though.  whether it will work or not…  meh….

Does it sound like I am panicking?   well kinda yes.   Those of you in canada in similar circumstances or to those whose projects are based on anything originally produced in canada – I look forward to your (documented) public displays of your original works as well.



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