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blah what I’ve been doing since the 15th of april

April 22, 2013 Leave a comment

I took a long look at zoids re-dumped all of its graphics – decided that a complete makeover wasn’t completely out of the question.

did some a tiny bit of  translation-ary stuff on zoids and on dungeon of windaria.   Windaria is also one of those games I would like to do a complete makeover of (graphic wise).   If you don’t know why my attitude has changed to doing complete graphic reworks than you obviously haven’t read my last post closely enough, or you just don’t understand it.

Life wise my regular job took me back into the realm of spore.  Yes mushrooms growing off of twice spoiled dairy products.  the dairy turned into cheese the cheese then liquified partially and that liquid was a base for mushrooms.  Its been two days and I still have a headache and a rash from where this liquid touched me.   If the health inspector had done their job properly the store would have been shut down and the entire dairy fridge closed until it was determined that the spore had been removed.   I am actually quite ashamed I didn’t catch it myself earlier.  From this point on I will not take the words of my coworkers as to if they have gone through the spoiled or damaged products.  (A skid of dairy crates filled with – nastiness left in the corner slowly growing…).

At least now I know why I kept getting a headache every time I went in to work and why it would disappear after five minutes of not being in that fridge.   I have shortlisted crates that need to get out.  I personally tossed 7 crates full of spore.   I kept cleaning the floor of this room thinking a rat had died somewhere that I just couldn’t find.   It then it turns out to be this.   Yeesh.

Okay back to the reason I started this blog.   Now to disappoint you I may need to drop Itadaki street ds for odd reasons.  As a few have pointed out there is a wii version out and the wii u may or may not be able to play it.  That isn’t one of the reasons.  the odd reasons I will keep to myself until canada’s new copyright officially has a launch date.   Even then – sigh…

My other projects should still be on.

off to facebook/flickr to show off some of my latest artwork/pictures…


canada’s new copyright what it may mean for me

April 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Well… that was an interesting read.

I would welcome you all to consider me an artist and anything I produce my artistic works.   I would also welcome you to my up and coming shows to demonstrate such work.  I also hope you look forward to some changes I may have to make in respect to respecting canada’s copyright.   (I’ve got a crapload of graphic work to “do” over).  I will now have to make a few suggestions to people in projects I have been part of.   That whole extended to other countries part may save me or screw me over….  thankfully there is no date enforceable as of yet… but still.

So, I’ll give you an example.  Previously I was given notice that I was infringing.  that infringement actually didn’t mean that much in terms of canada as said infringement needs further litigation and demonstration of…  Now though legally my service providers only have to give notice, whether I take it down or not is my sole responsibility.  the terms thereof have changed.    Which also, yes I should take it down right away.   there is a slight out though.  whether it will work or not…  meh….

Does it sound like I am panicking?   well kinda yes.   Those of you in canada in similar circumstances or to those whose projects are based on anything originally produced in canada – I look forward to your (documented) public displays of your original works as well.



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