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well I need to find a way to cut 80+ hex from one file for it to fit into the psp version (its a pack file and I cant find the pointers to said files in said pack file…. sigh)

Its the spells and the spells descriptions.  I have already squeezed as much as I can over the last day.  It used to be c80 hex that I needed to cut now that its only 80+ I am not too worried.  I just need to get to dumping and researching psp memory.  I hope I will have better luck with that.  If not I may have to really butcher this file (with short form madness….)…. or find a way to compress for the psp.   in mid csv file in mid container/pack file in mid iso file.   sigh….

part of the problem is that in linking the files into that container/pack file the header of the csv file is changed.  I can safely cut from one point and ad a header from the ds version of the same csv file.   then use that to edit.  the problem then is that after that the software I like to use adds “” around stuff that just doesn’t need it.  So I have to edit the csv file in a text editor instead.  the good news is that I have already inserted 8 or 9 translated csv files.  (until this one, which was much too big).   I may have to come back to it.

Today I got up at 5 will be getting to work at 7 won’t be done until 5.  hopefully I will be back by 6 ish.  got to go…

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