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February 26, 2013 1 comment

okay mapped out some more stuff in elminage 2 psp.  all I have to do is insert most of my translated stuff in… er, now.  So the psp version will match what I have done for the ds version.   I also took a look into elminage gothic.  which aside from the script I can get a good chunk form it translated as well.

I also have been working albeit slowly on okeari chibi robo.

so not much news but still it is an update.


Life wise, I crossed off 4 more things on my life to do list  in the last week.  Plum wine, kirin beer, and (2 different adult nature content block).

next week I get to look into making my own wine.   Pick up literature and look into motorbike drivers licence.

oh and pricing out door food cart stuff.

can you just see me driving my food cart behind my motorbike to my corner and making x food for the day?


my life 05/02/2013

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment

time to strike some things off of my life’s to do list.

Hold a full-time job for more than 6 months (it took me 12 years but finally…)

yeah that means that every time in my life I have had a full-time job some form of trouble got in the way.  I either had to quit or was reduced to part-time was laid off or some other “thing”.   You are probably thinking how old are you? and you really haven’t held a full-time job past 6 months until now?  yep… not until now.

A decade of love.  No need to say more, as its actually more than that.  I honestly can’t believe I have lived long enough for this to be crossed off.

more some other time.


February 2, 2013 Leave a comment

well I need to find a way to cut 80+ hex from one file for it to fit into the psp version (its a pack file and I cant find the pointers to said files in said pack file…. sigh)

Its the spells and the spells descriptions.  I have already squeezed as much as I can over the last day.  It used to be c80 hex that I needed to cut now that its only 80+ I am not too worried.  I just need to get to dumping and researching psp memory.  I hope I will have better luck with that.  If not I may have to really butcher this file (with short form madness….)…. or find a way to compress for the psp.   in mid csv file in mid container/pack file in mid iso file.   sigh….

part of the problem is that in linking the files into that container/pack file the header of the csv file is changed.  I can safely cut from one point and ad a header from the ds version of the same csv file.   then use that to edit.  the problem then is that after that the software I like to use adds “” around stuff that just doesn’t need it.  So I have to edit the csv file in a text editor instead.  the good news is that I have already inserted 8 or 9 translated csv files.  (until this one, which was much too big).   I may have to come back to it.

Today I got up at 5 will be getting to work at 7 won’t be done until 5.  hopefully I will be back by 6 ish.  got to go…

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