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woke up.  realized I had woken up an hour late.  immediately called my boss to let them know that I would be late.  Ate got dressed and made it to the subway in 10 minutes.   Got to the destination subway yet another 10 minutes later and to work with a total time spent getting there of 40 minutes.

When i got there the other guy wasn’t mad and worse there really wasn’t that much to do.  All day was like that.

now on to the hacking stuff.  I haven’t touched shiren for a while mainly been working on elminage and okeari chibi robo.

Graphics and coordinating translating the same game on two different platforms (elminage 2).  Okeari has involved bugging someone to get on with translating.  (only because its been a while and they hadn’t responded).  So one file can now be worked on for okeari.  Although I would like to finish more on elminage while i have the ?gumption? for it.

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