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December 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Elminage 2 ds remix

Been doing a lot of work on this.  Do I have anything to say other than that about eliminage 2…no.   Other than considering doing work on the psp version (wouldn’t be too hard).   Everything has so far been fairly easy to find in the psp version.  Graphic wise a lot easier to deal with than the ds version.   Just shuffling graphics around.   the few differences are not that big a deal.


now on to date ni game.

Its just the 3 files left.

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Date ni game 17/12/2012

December 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Slowly worked through one of the last text files left to translate (there are 3 more aside from this one).  I am about half way through it.

I was working on monster_act_data.tbl.   leaving off only half way through it.  I don’t like stopping in the middle of a file as it sometimes ends up sitting there for months… like the one other file from this game – guard_data.tbl.

I believe its time to set up a project page somewhere for this.

what is left to do:


oh and syncing the script to the sound files… then editing the sound files.

still sick and still on the path considering direction.


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shiren 4 ds

December 14, 2012 1 comment

Dumped a large amount of text from the bulk of the sir0 files for this game this week.  Started translating the items in said files.  found about 10 that aren’t on some of the wikis.  (so far)….

Still need to properly dump the images from some of the packed files.   Although there really isn’t that much that needs to be edited image wise, as I have already done the title screen.

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05/12/2012 okeari chibi robo

December 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Finished dumping the text from the bmg for this game see my project page on gbatemp.

Added a drop box for edited graphics (as all that need editing have been posted).

I still need to identify the control codes.  Shouldn’t be a big deal.  5 fonts, x number colours, etc.  1 of those fonts is just numbers, I am pretty sure I have them all down I just need to figure out what they do…


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