yep yesterday kinda confirmed it… I need to find a different job.  cold all the time… My body hurts all the time.  Either the cold or overworking my muscles.  Anyways I am in good shape but in constant pain.  If I wanted this level of constant pain I would just succumb to 20 years of doctors advice and go for the surgeries/treatments they are recommending… sigh.  oh the word for it is Pushing…

Off to broaden my work search to all of canada and maybe worldwide…

hack wise- uh had to redump the images for Fujimori Midori No Let’s Tarot.  Upload all the text files and those images to some form of service.

I finally dumped shiren 4’s common.bin file successfully.  All those control codes were driving me nuts… (still are).  I keep forgetting to put up a project page for it… but then I do need to fix that font(still).  I have yet to finish putting the text from common.bin into a spreadsheet (near 3500 pointers…blah in just one file).

I also have been so very slowly translating the left over stuff from dungeon of windaria.  The story is a little bit beyond my capabilities   There are a few other things translation wise that just make me go Huh?

a little work on zoids battle coloseum, a bit on dramatic dungeon sakura taisen, a quick review of what I need to do for itadaki and date ni game…

otherwise its just my android app translation stuff that I have sworn not to go into on this blog…  (so much easier than nds stuff)

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