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yep yesterday kinda confirmed it… I need to find a different job.  cold all the time… My body hurts all the time.  Either the cold or overworking my muscles.  Anyways I am in good shape but in constant pain.  If I wanted this level of constant pain I would just succumb to 20 years of doctors advice and go for the surgeries/treatments they are recommending… sigh.  oh the word for it is Pushing…

Off to broaden my work search to all of canada and maybe worldwide…

hack wise- uh had to redump the images for Fujimori Midori No Let’s Tarot.  Upload all the text files and those images to some form of service.

I finally dumped shiren 4’s common.bin file successfully.  All those control codes were driving me nuts… (still are).  I keep forgetting to put up a project page for it… but then I do need to fix that font(still).  I have yet to finish putting the text from common.bin into a spreadsheet (near 3500 pointers…blah in just one file).

I also have been so very slowly translating the left over stuff from dungeon of windaria.  The story is a little bit beyond my capabilities   There are a few other things translation wise that just make me go Huh?

a little work on zoids battle coloseum, a bit on dramatic dungeon sakura taisen, a quick review of what I need to do for itadaki and date ni game…

otherwise its just my android app translation stuff that I have sworn not to go into on this blog…  (so much easier than nds stuff)


shiren 4 08/11/2012

November 9, 2012 Leave a comment

yeah so after finishing (graphically and what I thought was textually, – er table wise… meh), the mte of shiren 4’s font, I found myself looking at garbled letters and an unmistakable failure.  one problem which was an easy fix was correcting the in game width of the letter pairs.  Which was actually real easy to do as there is a width check in the file.

No, now the other main problem was that I had changed the table file to be able to read the letter pairs.  Th sh ea and so on.  so I figured the smallest and easiest to edit file signboard.bin would be my best bet for testing.  All you have to do is walk around town and go up to a place that has a name.  so “Bar ” should have shown up correctly.  What I got was the default nul character (square block).   My way around this was to just leave the original table file in place and use the old japanese letter equivalents.  something i had done for my now discontinued 7th dragon project.  which is where the width check made itself apparent.

So… sigh.

I mentioned before that this edit would mean that the entire game would have to be translated.  As there would be no point as now most of the former untranslated stuff is pure garbage.

Now aside from this there is the additional block of having to stay within the same size of the sir0 headered files as there is a memory position/pointer for the beginning of every one of these files.  well except for the messarc.bin sir0 pack file.  Since there isn’t that much text in those packed files this is not a problem.

Where does this leave me re working that table file to see if I can in fact edit anything other than the width in.  As I severely hope that is isn’t my out of numerical order mte’d font table that is causing the error.

uh otherwise, I am only posting this as I have been sick the last 2 days and pretty much unable to do anything.  (yes that includes working on my hacks/translation crap).   I thought an update was in order.

still wondering if this direction is the best fit for me (not the hacking stuff).

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