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set up the needed stuff for a date ni game project page.  Didn’t post it.  left off at mm in dte mte-ing shiren 4 ds’ font.  Its more like its done graphically just editing the actual font table in the game.   I have tested it and I know it works.  Which makes me happy.  This just means that a complete translation will have to be done as with the dte most of the unicode japanese becomes letter pairs or a blocked square (as in unknown character).

this font and the other files associated with it will work for shiren 5 as well.

this also paves the way for itadaki street- actually finishing off dte-mte-ing its font.

Just no time for all this.  I was so tired yesterday after working six days straight I don’ t have energy to do much of anything.  okay off to work on digimon story lost evolution.  I have got to get this out of the way today…

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  1. pychtor
    October 13, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    hi , i saw you were working on chibi robot and i want to help you in the translation.i have a problem with the text file you gave on “gtemp”.can i ?

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