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interesting day at work today….


My latest fortune cookie told me not to worry about my future.  Every time it has said that some form of terrible accident happens or life threatening or path changing event happens.

Which may seem like not much but with the things that have happened to me and my love of food that is served with fortune cookies… It adds up to a lot of such events.  Today was spent (to me) doing very easy job duties.  But I did almost die twice.  Nothing like almost getting crushed by a grocery skid and a careless receiving clerk.  Or the fast moving delivery truck that didn’t stop at the light and quite literally left marks on my face (and if I hadn’t been wearing my steel toes, crushed my feet twice).

I left in a nervous hurry and almost walked (legally) across the street into my death.

So onto the translation side of things.

I should be working on digimon.  I have found myself still working on mte-dteing things.  Yes it should be in quotes things.  meh more later.

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