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Yeah I still hurt… But I have lost about 25 pounds.  I can now see 4 abs (kinda).   “hello down there!”… meh…

I should have been working on digimon but the time required to put in needs to be constant otherwise I end up re-doing work I already did.  which did happen two weeks ago pretty mush every time I got home from work.  So after the 5th day in a row I just said to myself… on my text double day off… which may not be until october.   So instead i ended up dte/mte-ing a font (ssss.s.s.s.s.ssss).  once you get into it you don’t want to stop until you are done and it is one of those things where you can’t screw up tracking your progress as all you need to do is save right before you do anything else.  So…

Life wise I am pretty much spaghetti armed all the time.  I hope this feeling will get lessened as I continue this job.  Just like being worried about my weight.  when I started I was sweating in the dairy fridge … now i am cold.  every week seems to be – that I feel colder the more I work in that fridge.  So either I am losing too much weight or I am not eating enough to keep me warm while I work.

Anyways I saw my chiro this week.  I did not realize just how much pain I was unconsciously pushing to the side as I could feel the difference right after seeing him.  As in I wanted to go to sleep right away and should have.  My shoulders were keep waking me up in the middle of the night… that spaghetti arm feeling turning into stiff hard muscles in deep deep pain.  Eventually I will just be unable to get up as my body will just not move due to lack of sleep or the sheer agony of moving will keep me in bed.

off to bed.  May your path meet with others and not make a mess when they meet… or end there…

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