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yeah been a while…

I got side tracked by other people projects again.  which got me into another one which has been going pretty quickly.   I then had a nice reminder that I should be working on Itadaki street ds (but its so boring tracking matrice…. blah)….

the to do list expands…

re-dump the text – (only one overlay partially done… sigh)

the graphics – possible replace with nitro format

Memory space search for expansion of text.  If I cannot edit the font then I gotta find space somwhere.  Now on the plus side I do have in a quick look over a good half page of space I could use.  I just have to see if this game will let me repoint to text already being used.  And/or edit certain graphics so that those graphics have that text instead of it being held in memory.

send graphics to the one guy get him to do them over.  (as everyone else likes his better than mine… sticking tongue out… not insulted just realize that my tastes are different than others…)

on to life stuff – nothing to really report here.  Still alive, facing my near continual allergies… I should be out and walking around applying for work.  I don’t know what else to say here.

meh back to the hacking stuff.  I could play through zoids coloseum and make sure I have the text partitioned off in the script.  (if you lose the battle this text until you win said battle).


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