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continuation of Dungeon of Windaria

May 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I am pretty sure I finally dumped all of the memory based pionters and the text it relates (specifically only the pointers that have text that needs work).   I have done this as I will need to get whatever is left translated.  I also will need to re-point – and possibly edit the previous work, done by valyr and Thecrash1973.  Whom have both given me permission to  continue on with their previous work.

As such I have google drive spreadsheet that has stuff that needs translation/editing.

found within this spreadsheet :

dump of the story

items, weapons, armour and their descriptions

attacks and their descriptions

enemies and their descriptions

un-lockable specials and their descriptions

some miscellaneous text

Note most of these have partial translations that may need editing, please do not edit the already english stuff.  I would appreciate help with this.

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33 and 34

May 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Characters 33 and 34 repeat from earlier… which is kinda confusing to me.  I won’t know until I play in game until that point.  sigh…

\CHR_NUM,29 マヤ Maya
\CHR_NUM,30 レ・ミィ Rei Mii

\CHR_NUM,33 レ・ミィ Rei Mii
\CHR_NUM,34 コトナ Kotona

Another curiosity is that not all the graphic characters have speaking roles (so far).

I have dumped a total 4751 pointers of 8863.

Almost halfway done.