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april 2012 update

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment

With the trouble I have been having with Duel love I have been focusing on Battle coloseum.  Graphically I am done with the zgirl names, some other graphics.  Otherwise I have been dumping script and organizing stuff.  I now have a better idea of the pilot and character names.  I also dumped the character expressions (graphically).  The expressions will be needed later for the script dump, to help make sense of what they really are saying. As such I have updated the gbatemp page with some links to google docs stuff.  Also found there is progress on my dump of the script.

Strangely there are other games where I have to do the exact same thing.   Dump memory based text from pointers… (there should be a reverberation or some other dramatic music playing while that is read).   I think when I finish this I will not be spending as much time on the hacking as I do.

On the plus side if and when I get to it dungeon of windaria will be easy.  Thanks to others work.  As there is so little left to do that once I get what is left translated, all it will be is just time wasting with re-pointing and insertion (or vice versa).

Now Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen, that is a lot more work.  I really haven’t dived into that too much (comparably) except for some minor work.  Heck since I took my patch down what a year or two a go and no one has asked for the patch.  You can play it, but there is not much done.  you can read up on it on gbatemp or here.  Text wise though this game is pretty heavy.

then there is Elminage… sigh a mixture of trouble.  Easy to edit csv files mixed with custom format bin script files and arm9/overlay text.  Which not even mentioning the need to edit and change map files (that I haven’t figured out quite yet).  The arm9 overlay stuff seems like it will go quick as most is stuff that is repeated in the csv/bin files.

Itadaki… I could have saved my translator for this so much trouble if I had thought to dump the arm9/overlay text according to the pointers.  Which is only half the trouble.  I need to find and edit the second font.   Not the easy to get to fonts that is right at the beginning of the game or the harder to find font that I wrongly assumed was being used throughout the game, no the one that is the exact same size and shape of the one I wrongly assumed was the right one, that I have no idea where it is.  Then there is tracking how the map files work with a debugger – backtracking the matrix positioning system that seems to be in place.   I will get to dumping the text with the pointers eventually.  This also means I need to find space in memory for possible expansion (deadbeef).

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“oh my freaking…”

April 10, 2012 Leave a comment

yeah, I spent pretty much the entire day yesterday getting stuff ready for duel love.  I was hitting the post button when I was asked to log in,  so I did.  Except the post that I didn’t have a backup of didn’t get posted.  7 hours of work…. gone…. and so….

I have programmer ready to write stuff.  So there I was, researching to make sure someone else hadn’t already done what I am going to get them to do.  I did actually find kinda the same thing for a psp game.  but not quite.   the peta header is there and so is the yklz stuff but duel love has a two file based system and the psp game puts the two files together.  which if the version number is right I have a very early version of the pack files.

surprisingly the structure is the same.  or close enough to it that I am tempted to modify the bms script they made for the psp game.  even then… what it comes down to is the compression used. I have everything else figured out.  I could reinsert files with ease if I could only decompress them.

According to the psp game site the compression is just lz77 (or not my cantonese is very bad).  Which according to the tools I have for the ds doesn’t quite work.  its a slight variant of yaz0 rle or lz.  which if you are familiar with nds compression pretty much covers them all.   looking for these files in memory has proven a waste of time.  As what I have found seems to be even more compressed than the compressed file.  (take a foot and cram it in an inch)…. since this seems to repeat fairly often through my search of the memory dump… sigh.   and so…

Hopefully won’t take me as long today, if I do it again.


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oh well

April 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Another hospital visit, luckily this time it is not mine.  I hope the surgery they go through is successful.

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