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over a month

March 27, 2012 Leave a comment

so its been over a month since I posted on here… meh…

It has also been a year since the last time I said its the cigarettes or me.  So far the cigarettes are winning and that makes me sad.  Sad that a years worth of cigarette packs have won against me.  that whole inanimate object besting me has gotten me thinking of checking off more from my to do list.  Not the game stuff.

(aside; yep keep lighting those cigarettes… your cancer may be worse than mine technically but I have the closer expiry date… yep keep sucking on those and giving me nasty looks…  I can respect your right to do a damaging thing that you say makes you less stressed but I also feel that you should respect my life more than being less stressed.  yeah see that no smoking pin… maybe you should think about that…)

4 days of peaceful sleep.  I haven’t slept this well for over a year and a bit.  Yeah that includes the heavily dosed pain pill days…  I owe it two this one decision I made…  that didn’t involve cigarettes it involved a sheet.  Then last night it was made again for me.  (I know you are probably lost… I don’t care.  If you aren’t lost while reading this you are probably one specific person and now re-reading every blog entry I made way more carefully.  To that specific person – screw you…)

So new email to hopefully boost my employ-ability the old one had rastsan in it.  The new one now uses my name.  Hopefully no more weird looks and people questioning why would I combine my initials with the name I once thought to change to…  no more explaining it with even odder looks after…  Which made me update pretty much every account – work wise.  I have only had five complaints because of the old email.  I am only changing it now out of desperation.

Off to email my agencies…

But first game translation project update.

Slowly but surely dumping the zoids script.  Digimon story lost evolution – the graphics I am leaving as is… as I don’t know what to do to fix the ones that are broken.   Duel love – I will work on after the zoids script is dumped.  may drop it if I get more bad news next month and only concentrate on some very specific things.  Elminage ds remix 2 – slowly dumping the script from that weird group of files.  Also trying to find a way to view certain graphics as I will need a way to edit them (right) after I finish with the csv files.  As the csv files have most of the stuff in text that are referred to in the images.  Itadaki street – there is a guy willing to do the graphics that I keep forgetting to send stuff too.  I also have a bunch of text I could insert.  Though to insert that I have to figure out the map files.  Truth to tell my heart hasn’t been into this game for a while.  dramatic dungeon and dungeon of windaria – no news.  I think that covers it…

It hurts to breathe… it hurts to think, it hurts…

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