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February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

these times are a pressing
on my mind
they are so messing
with my heart
live for what I love
or live and love
love all I can
with all I have
when I can

these times seem to be depressing
to others
these times seem to be messing
with others sense of ownership
you only have what you were born with
you only own what you learn
and can teach

take it all in
and give it all back

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more specific to do list

February 11, 2012 Leave a comment

To Do: zoids battle coliseum

  1. gmes 64 of them (some are done)

  2. Zoids girls (some are done)

    – figure out there sideways encoding and edit

  3. Weapons for zoids DONE

    – need to screenshot and match up

    – Battle messages DONE

  1. dump script from arm9 pointers

    -Organize script for translation

  2. Translate the script

  3. Insert script

    -update pointers if needed

  4. Make patch and release with disclaimer

To Do:duel love

  1. decompression (need to dump more files form memory and compare to compressed, suspect yazo or yang- keifer lzss, or blend of yaz0 and lz)
    – get decompressor/ compressor made

  2. Edit /translate the decompressed

  3. Compress the edited

  4. Insert the recompressed

  5. Test this

  6. Ie decompress script files

  7. Ie decompress res files

  8. Dump sound stuff

  9. Label dumped sound stuff

  10. Translate dumped sound stuff

  11. Voice over dumped sound stuff

  12. Insert edited sound stuff

  13. Test

  14. Use wav2swav (or other software) converter for sound editing

  15. Make patch and release with disclaimer


To Do: Itadaki street ds


  1. figure file specs

    -icg is the extension for general graphic files see Itadaki page for details

    -icl is the extension for pallete files see Itadaki page for details

    -isc is the extension for map files (tinke can load them raw but the info it lists is off)

    -KnCH char file details need to be filled in

    -KnCE cell file details need to be filled in



  2. dump text (from arm9 and overlays – done – not organized)

  3. Dump images (dumped and partially translated)

  4. DTE the script english (not finished)

    – but did make partial dte table and tried to insert

    – font is in two places one is overwriting the other

    – have yet to find second font

    – font is from the other_scene/name_input/

  5. DTE the script french (no translation yet)

  6. Check sounds

  7. Make patch and release with disclaimer

more later

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hacking general to do list

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

To do list: (not necessarily in this order) may fill in more details later

dump images and script for okeari chibi robo Dump script for zoids battle coloseum finish the last group of images for zoids battle coloseum

Start dumping more of the images for elminage 2 ds remix post text that is too difficult for me on google docs for elminage then start up an actual project page here on gbatemp

organize the text dumped from itadaki street ds for ease of translation then bug translator to translate get new image editor the images for itadaki street ds that they will need to edit

hire a programmer to build a de-compressor / compressor for the ptd pth files in duel love

image and text work in sakura taisen dramatic dungeon

that last little bit of image work in dungeon of windaria then find the script for the game and dump it.  along with the last chunks of text left by previous project handlers

image insertion and testing in digimon story lost evolution/ rework if needed, dumping the wifi text in the overlay file, recheck arm9 for text

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