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letting go…

I had to make a choice today.  I honestly want to talk to someone in person about it and not post here.

Sigh.  19 years and counting.  Almost 2 decades.  Lived loved lost and funny enough not in that order, randomly repeated.

meh, on to the hacking part.

I am almost done the digimon story lost evolution graphics.

I have steadily also been working on a Elminage II DS Remix translation.  I know I promised to work on other projects first before I did anything new.  This project is actually fairly simple.  the text is not only easy to get to but organized in an efficient way mostly in csv files.  The image work for this game promises to be fairly easy.  As I write this I think about zoids battle coloseum and finally finishing dumping the complete story/script.  Or getting back to debugging itadaki street ds in an emulator.

The other projects can be put on hold.  I am thinking of deleting my last little bits of 7th dragon stuff (including any posts here).

That being said I again renew my call for freelance programmers.  I need to make an unpacker/packer for Duel love.   Leave a comment with details about how much this will cost me if interested.

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