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The title seems misleading as I won’t talk about mine just yet.  That is a total of 9 dead lime trees.  3 due to cold, 3 due to scale, 3 due to leaf miners.   Not as bad as it sounds as I have a large number still alive in the windowsill.   Its just several of these were 3 going on 4 years old and I was anticipating actual limes this year.   Last year I had a grow light/was using the washrooms light fixture to give my trees the extra light they needed.

So on to the dream part: amongst other dreamy weirdness, last night I dreamt of my trees  bug infestation and the severe efforts I went to to keep them alive.

A cacophony of strangeness.  (yes I do mean I actually dream noise in my dreams, and that sound was strange).   Music for the trees, separate sound to move the bugs, special earplugs so the sound doesn’t hurt my ears.

Then on to other typical dream stuff, at least for me.  A very long (at least dream wise) section of the dream that due to its nature I cannot talk about here.   Then the crazy old couple who have a bed and breakfast that serve their guests in ways murderous, (whats that word for eating your own species – they cook up their kills eat them and serve them to their guests also) – and typical.   Then on to near useless dreams of the future: last nights strange zinger was a re-occurring restaurant where I went with varying people (well over 3000) throughout the years… (I get to see myself in some mirrors and gauge the time by my age).

This has always perplexed me as I have been given a very definite lifespan that precludes living to that age.   The restaurant might change but a good location does not.   Nor does changing the perfect place to a put a mirror.  Although I do not really see myself in that type of clothing unless someone starts making it in better quality.    I know rambling again… what is this crazy person gonna blog about next…

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