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silly sickness and sleep

yes over two weeks sick and I still haven’t seen my doctor (as he is on vacation).  The clinic is not something I want to go to as this has some side effects I was warned to look out for.

Otherwise I took a break from a lot of stuff.  I have been refreshing my memory by rewatching zoids anime.  Which curiously I won’t use for a bit as dumping script from that has proven troublesome (my dyslexia is really getting in the way of pointer dumping, not just one number in  a 8 digit number, usually two or three are mixed up, which makes doign doing this useless).

So I moved back to the graphics from DSLE only to have some serious trouble (I had to redo the same graphic three times).  I missed spelled the one translation then that same translation was put in the wrong spot in said graphic not once but twice.

So I moved on through my projects list until something more suitable (not any trouble to do) was come up upon.

One zoids graphic down, a couple easy translations for a seperate project I am helping with.  Then some stuff done with Dramatic dungeon Sakura taisen (DDST).  Specifically the help file of DDST.  I have only touched some tiny bits of the script.  the shop stuff a few weird bits and pieces as I was playing in an emulator and though what the heck lets get this done…

18 hours of sleep and I am still tired, of course I still need to make up for another 32 hours but….


don’t take this the wrong way: merry freakin xmas….

(as I remind you I am a daoist and I usually prefer to say happy holidays having people give me trouble over it is something I really get irritated over… yet almost two fight today alone over that exact thing…)

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