Graphics I have left that DO NOT have a translation yet, that I need a translation for.  So I can finish up the image work for Digimon story lost evolution.

file49.ncgr, file_2501.ncgr


file61ncbr, file_2513.ncgr







しょうひアイテム (Consumable Items)

ファームグッズ Farm goods (skip)

バグプレート Bug plate (skip)


images I also am having trouble with (as in getting the right japanese characters down to get a translation – my dyslexia mysnomia again)

now aside form this there is a couple files (with over 50 little blips to translate), whose map file is in question.  Which makes it dubious at best to work on them.  Its why I am not posting them.

On to the other strangeness that always seems to permeate my life.

Yesterday I was with my boyfriend being his bag carrier while he shopped for gifts for his family.  On the way back to his place there was this guy screaming about the white devil and the thousands killed in the war in africa.  He self-admitted he was crazy.  I felt though that he just needed someone to listen.   As someone who is constantly being misunderstood I had to go make sure he was okay.  He quieted down right after I asked and got a serious non-crazy look on his face when I asked him just that.  His answer “you reallly do care if I am going to be okay don’t you…” which is when I noticed the knife less than 3 inches from my chest.   “I will be fine, if you don’t mind you are a little too close to me for my liking can you back up a little?”.   Which I did but only after looking him in the eye and saying “not everyone is out to hurt you.  Are you sure everything is okay?”

sigh… in a quiet whisper voice he says “cmon man your ruining it.  I like being like this.  ” then louder “Thankyou man yes I can always use money.”   Which as I am unemployed and very unable to hand anyone money just made me smile and loudly say “As long as I can help.”   and walk away.    It didn’t end there no we got off at that station the bf, myself and crazy.   Crazy didn’t actually follow us but he did end up talking to me again.   My bf though had a look on his face, which I had to ask “whats wrong?”.   Turns out the bf wouldn’t have walked up to somebody raving like that for fear of assault.  I after working in several locations where “raving” people come in as matter of course during my shift.  Knew that most won’t actually do anything other than talk to me or leave after I acknowledged them.  For me its not a matter of confronting its a matter of just caring.   I have helped a number of people of the years straighten their lives out.  This wasn’t one of those incidents.    But it did show me that the I may not be the love of my bf’s life like he thinks I am.  As I would have been right behind him ready to support whatever he did.  Not on the far side of the train moving away from me and my conversation with “crazy”, like he was.

This is only a small part of our relationship woes.  Sigh.  This coming year I have to either get him to  stop smoking or leave him as my health cannot take his smoking around me anymore.  Given his health I am actually very surprised this is even an issue, also that I have not done anything much over it for over 6 years.

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