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december 05/12/2011 week to do list

The digimon story lost evolution graphics.  I only have 38 to 40 graphics left to do.  Its between this and zoids battle coloseum (dumping that script).

The sweet feeling of nearly being done.

Aside from testing in gameplay.


Otherwise I had an interesting job offer on the table, that reeked of trouble.  I know I shouldn’t be picky but the offer in contract speak is… off.  So off I didn’t to take it.  Take payments over email take a cut (for myself) and another cut for fees for going to somewhere else to process payments that for some reason are being sent to me and not directly to the company…  then get back to set customers after processing.  If you think about it setting up an online account with security is a crap load easier, automated and cheaper in server fees then the “cut” (yes their actual words) they are offering in contract. Factor in all the other contract speak… oy it just reeks of trouble.  If I can set this up in less than half an hour… what type of idiots would I be working for that they cannot do this?  worse not take my suggestion…  “We still would rather do things our way.”  Uh huh, thanks but no thanks.   Just sounds too much like some form of illegal things are going on.


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