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The title seems misleading as I won’t talk about mine just yet.  That is a total of 9 dead lime trees.  3 due to cold, 3 due to scale, 3 due to leaf miners.   Not as bad as it sounds as I have a large number still alive in the windowsill.   Its just several of these were 3 going on 4 years old and I was anticipating actual limes this year.   Last year I had a grow light/was using the washrooms light fixture to give my trees the extra light they needed.

So on to the dream part: amongst other dreamy weirdness, last night I dreamt of my trees  bug infestation and the severe efforts I went to to keep them alive.

A cacophony of strangeness.  (yes I do mean I actually dream noise in my dreams, and that sound was strange).   Music for the trees, separate sound to move the bugs, special earplugs so the sound doesn’t hurt my ears.

Then on to other typical dream stuff, at least for me.  A very long (at least dream wise) section of the dream that due to its nature I cannot talk about here.   Then the crazy old couple who have a bed and breakfast that serve their guests in ways murderous, (whats that word for eating your own species – they cook up their kills eat them and serve them to their guests also) – and typical.   Then on to near useless dreams of the future: last nights strange zinger was a re-occurring restaurant where I went with varying people (well over 3000) throughout the years… (I get to see myself in some mirrors and gauge the time by my age).

This has always perplexed me as I have been given a very definite lifespan that precludes living to that age.   The restaurant might change but a good location does not.   Nor does changing the perfect place to a put a mirror.  Although I do not really see myself in that type of clothing unless someone starts making it in better quality.    I know rambling again… what is this crazy person gonna blog about next…

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silly sickness and sleep

December 24, 2011 Leave a comment

yes over two weeks sick and I still haven’t seen my doctor (as he is on vacation).  The clinic is not something I want to go to as this has some side effects I was warned to look out for.

Otherwise I took a break from a lot of stuff.  I have been refreshing my memory by rewatching zoids anime.  Which curiously I won’t use for a bit as dumping script from that has proven troublesome (my dyslexia is really getting in the way of pointer dumping, not just one number in  a 8 digit number, usually two or three are mixed up, which makes doign doing this useless).

So I moved back to the graphics from DSLE only to have some serious trouble (I had to redo the same graphic three times).  I missed spelled the one translation then that same translation was put in the wrong spot in said graphic not once but twice.

So I moved on through my projects list until something more suitable (not any trouble to do) was come up upon.

One zoids graphic down, a couple easy translations for a seperate project I am helping with.  Then some stuff done with Dramatic dungeon Sakura taisen (DDST).  Specifically the help file of DDST.  I have only touched some tiny bits of the script.  the shop stuff a few weird bits and pieces as I was playing in an emulator and though what the heck lets get this done…

18 hours of sleep and I am still tired, of course I still need to make up for another 32 hours but….


don’t take this the wrong way: merry freakin xmas….

(as I remind you I am a daoist and I usually prefer to say happy holidays having people give me trouble over it is something I really get irritated over… yet almost two fight today alone over that exact thing…)

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Graphics I have left that DO NOT have a translation yet, that I need a translation for.  So I can finish up the image work for Digimon story lost evolution.

file49.ncgr, file_2501.ncgr


file61ncbr, file_2513.ncgr







しょうひアイテム (Consumable Items)

ファームグッズ Farm goods (skip)

バグプレート Bug plate (skip)


images I also am having trouble with (as in getting the right japanese characters down to get a translation – my dyslexia mysnomia again)

now aside form this there is a couple files (with over 50 little blips to translate), whose map file is in question.  Which makes it dubious at best to work on them.  Its why I am not posting them.

On to the other strangeness that always seems to permeate my life.

Yesterday I was with my boyfriend being his bag carrier while he shopped for gifts for his family.  On the way back to his place there was this guy screaming about the white devil and the thousands killed in the war in africa.  He self-admitted he was crazy.  I felt though that he just needed someone to listen.   As someone who is constantly being misunderstood I had to go make sure he was okay.  He quieted down right after I asked and got a serious non-crazy look on his face when I asked him just that.  His answer “you reallly do care if I am going to be okay don’t you…” which is when I noticed the knife less than 3 inches from my chest.   “I will be fine, if you don’t mind you are a little too close to me for my liking can you back up a little?”.   Which I did but only after looking him in the eye and saying “not everyone is out to hurt you.  Are you sure everything is okay?”

sigh… in a quiet whisper voice he says “cmon man your ruining it.  I like being like this.  ” then louder “Thankyou man yes I can always use money.”   Which as I am unemployed and very unable to hand anyone money just made me smile and loudly say “As long as I can help.”   and walk away.    It didn’t end there no we got off at that station the bf, myself and crazy.   Crazy didn’t actually follow us but he did end up talking to me again.   My bf though had a look on his face, which I had to ask “whats wrong?”.   Turns out the bf wouldn’t have walked up to somebody raving like that for fear of assault.  I after working in several locations where “raving” people come in as matter of course during my shift.  Knew that most won’t actually do anything other than talk to me or leave after I acknowledged them.  For me its not a matter of confronting its a matter of just caring.   I have helped a number of people of the years straighten their lives out.  This wasn’t one of those incidents.    But it did show me that the I may not be the love of my bf’s life like he thinks I am.  As I would have been right behind him ready to support whatever he did.  Not on the far side of the train moving away from me and my conversation with “crazy”, like he was.

This is only a small part of our relationship woes.  Sigh.  This coming year I have to either get him to  stop smoking or leave him as my health cannot take his smoking around me anymore.  Given his health I am actually very surprised this is even an issue, also that I have not done anything much over it for over 6 years.

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December 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Time has been a weird subject for me ever since that first time I got hit by lightning.  almost 20 years of “things are looking very bad”.   Waiting for death can be as it turns out quite boring.

The urge to get off my keister and get moving on those last things I want to accomplish, is starting to get pressing.   Money wasn’t a problem before (but back then I had my looks to trade on).  Now I have my charm.  Which is only as good for bartering as my drive for doing set activity.

Now the “things are looking bad” has worsened.  Time to push my schedule up a little.

Sigh, I say this sigh with a bit of skepticism as it has gone from a life expectancy of 3 months (which turned into over 15 years) to 2 months.  I know the sarcastic bunch out there are probably thinking what I am thinking “big whoop”.

Some people would look at my life story and go that is one unlucky son of a gun.  Others would go wow that is some miracle.  Since I don’t believe in luck or miracles…  I am happy to continue as I have since I was told when I was 15.  Like every day is my last day.  It makes that kiss with my boyfriend more meaningful.  That glimpse of the sunrise/sunset that more beautiful.   The baser passions of my life more passionate.

uh better stop blabbing like this.

sigh.  So I have been looking into 3d modeling software.  For ease of making a monument.  I’ll just do it in chunks.  Scan a smaller version of my monument scale it up to the appropriate monumental size then make it in chunks.  The problem with this is that I really will need somewhere to store it/build it.  I have not yet decided what to do yet.  I may have a simpler time by joining some form of charity or religious group that just needs someone to do the work.  Which I would do happily.  If you are such a group don’t hesitate to contact me.


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december 05/12/2011 week to do list

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The digimon story lost evolution graphics.  I only have 38 to 40 graphics left to do.  Its between this and zoids battle coloseum (dumping that script).

The sweet feeling of nearly being done.

Aside from testing in gameplay.


Otherwise I had an interesting job offer on the table, that reeked of trouble.  I know I shouldn’t be picky but the offer in contract speak is… off.  So off I didn’t to take it.  Take payments over email take a cut (for myself) and another cut for fees for going to somewhere else to process payments that for some reason are being sent to me and not directly to the company…  then get back to set customers after processing.  If you think about it setting up an online account with security is a crap load easier, automated and cheaper in server fees then the “cut” (yes their actual words) they are offering in contract. Factor in all the other contract speak… oy it just reeks of trouble.  If I can set this up in less than half an hour… what type of idiots would I be working for that they cannot do this?  worse not take my suggestion…  “We still would rather do things our way.”  Uh huh, thanks but no thanks.   Just sounds too much like some form of illegal things are going on.


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