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The horoscope

Or HORROR-scope…

I seem to be a day ahead of the predictions. Yikes.  No I am not going to give you details.  Today will be a day off.  I am stressed over my current life situation.

It seems like this has been going on for well over 12 years.

So rant time…  From being called creepy at job interviews, to that stolid face that I can just tell they would have nothing wrong with working with me… if they didn’t have some sort of prejudice.

To out right being told the job is no longer available – then watching them interview some other people… (which easier to call and cancel than have them come in, if it was true)….  To being hired than accused of theft and only because Iknow the rules for this (you can only fire me if you can prove it, or take from my pay, since I didn’t haven’t and don’t steal from any places I work, they have to prove it).  Which means waiting for them to either backoff or calling the cops myself.  which I have done 4 times.  The look on the cops face…  “they are trying to fire me for theft I want them to prove it.”

To the more obvious “oh that sign is still up”.  they remove it then put it back up an hour later.  When I go back in and ask what is going on.   Sigh…  “we not hiring” they really said that…

The list continues.

Its just that I moved to toronto because there were quite literally no jobs for me in my home town or near my hometown.

A big guy like me should not be having trouble getting general labour work and yet… A semi smart guy like me with my strange mix of office, management, and general company drifter should be getting some form of work.   My full resume literally is 15 pages long.  That resume though lists by industry or sector.  I honestly find it ridiculous that I am un-employed right now.  Need someone to clean, do cash, inventory, deliver, ship receive, reception, cater, cook, quick cook,  on and on this list.  My attitude is of if I don’t need experience and your willing to teach me then I am yours for as long as you need or want me.

Seriously flabbergasted at my situation.   16 agencies and nothing.  Not even background acting, no catering, no cleanup….

Show up early, do the best job you can, and just get as much done as you can, then look for more to do.

Now I get to decide whether to publish this post or not.

so many years of this stuff… so many years of… sigh…

I honestly assumed that three months to live would maybe turn at most to 5 – 6 years of life but 15+…  maybe there was a misdiagnosis… by 8 specialists…

enough weirdness.. er… here…

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