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Goth for a day…

Passed without notice by all around me.  Didn’t even notice it was a “dress up” day.  I could look at this as a success by passing really well, or a complete failure by complete lack of notice.  I choose success.  If no one comments on the subtle makeup or dark look then maybe I should be happy about that.  I wonder if punk for a day will go this well.

Otherwise 6 more images done (or more). 81(+?) of the spr images left to do.  Which considering the last update I may be up for a break.

I got sidetracked again.  Looked into another project.    Really need to actually stay focused on my current stuff and not be tempted to start something else.   But this potential new one is so tempting.

Meh, just spent an hour on DDST getting the in game help file ready to go for google docs.  Next up will be the character and monster data.  Maybe after that a continuance of ZBC and dumping that script.  Which I keep promising myself that if I start it up again I will try not to stop until it is completely dumped.  After which point I will look for a translator.    Not tonight.  If anyone wants to help with dramatic dungeon sakura taisen let me know.

Off to other stuff…

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