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I was talking about passion…

I will endeavor to refine what I said to someone earlier today about passion.  If they read this please don’t be upset that I decided to share some of it with the rest of the world.

So say you have some interests that I think may be or become your passion(s).  Your interest in (X) has inspired you to go to school to study it more intensely.  I don’t know if you would broaden your view of it to say that it is something you are passionate about.   This isn’t a secret… finding the meaning to life is the same thing as full filling those passions.  knowing what your passions are can be gained from experience.    If you feel there is nothing you could say you are passionate about then why don’t you experience the world some more?   You might find more things you can be passionate about.   If you cannot be motivated to even go out then you are giving up before you even try.   Which will make me sad that you never found your meaning to life.


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