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last night then this morning…

Last night there was some form of fire in the apartment building I live in.  The toxic smoke released has not been good for my mood, heart, lungs or allergies.  So last night I went to sleep with a terrible headache.  Then woke up feeling impending stroke.  WHY would trained professional firemen let people back into a building that needs toxic smoke cleared out first?  Better question why was I dumb enough to go back even though I know the building will need more time to have the air cleared.   Oy.  This flash of genius made me flash back to what quite a number of people in my life have also questioned.

It was a tough decision to make years ago.  I would rather not take organs provided by someone else just so I can live a little longer.  That and so long as I live and love I want to live and love with my own original heart.  Over the years I have been reassured that my choice has been a good choice.  Today has been another reassurance that the pain I am feeling is proof.  Unfortunately this has also made me review my lists of thing I want to do before I die.  The first list which due to the large amount of sexually based items on it cannot be posted here (there is 12 items out of 100 from that list that I could post but I feel that since that list is done and more of a private matter to myself that it shouldn’t be posted).

That being said it has never stopped me from encouraging people to live life to its fullest and to not give up hope for something (or anything) better.

So I found it strange that I literally bumped into someone who took my advice and left for a year.  They visited south america and mexico.  After 7 or 8 years of seperation they got re-acquainted with their family.  Family they thought did want to have anything to do with them anymore.  They were right but a visit to confirm this was in order.  They were actually quite happy they did as it deepened the belief that could do without them.

So this person offered me a job that my boyfriend would vehemently tell me to turn down.  I will bump into them later and am tempted.  The question is whether I should even mention this opportunity to my boyfriend.

I also looked for work online (again) this morning.  Nothing to report on that front.  I also looked myself up (my real name).  the other people with my name have quite a variety of occupations and accomplishments.   There are doctors, sports players (soccer, baseball, hockey), a gynecologist, a award winning film professional, a musician, a couple artists, and a couple varying religion priests.   Which made me feel sad that my actual profile was no where to be found (even my old modelling/acting page is gone).   Not even any of my old addresses/phone numbers… sigh…

I have disappeared in/to the public eye.  I have mixed intense feelings over this.  Living a quiet life is something people yearn for.  I live for and because of my passion.  Even though this has garnered a mixed attention nothing specific to my real actual name can be found.

Now onto the other purpose to this blog.  I have been steadily working on the images from digimon story lost evolution.  I just checked the progress on itadaki street ds’s text translation as I will be switching to itadaki once the translation reaches a certain point.  I have been pushing myself because of this.

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