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Itadaki street ds the matrix again

I thought that maybe it would be easier to write something to interpret the matrix stuff involved in Itadaki.  I still have no real idea how it works I just know that I need to work with them.  The reason this is important is that these matrices are being used for placement of graphics as vectors.   I need to do what the game does with them.  Either as a seperate program or as a plugin for another one.

Okay it gets the matrices from the files then stores them in X memory.  Uses the matrices in that memory for stuff (not necessarily for graphics, but there is some use for/of it).   More specific either used through some form of math or another matrix which rotates it or multiplies it, for use as vectors for 3d graphics.

There are several routines find 2by2, find 3by3, find 4by3, find 4by4, set 2by2 to 4by4, set 3by3 to 4by4, set 4by3 to 4by4 (that 3by3 to vectors),  rotate the y of the 3by3,  set 4by4 to 4by3, some vector addition and subtraction, etc.

What I need to do is:

set a routine which identifies what type of a matrix is being used.  Then use that matrix to identify the vectors in question.  Use those vectors on another file to display it properly.

There will be more; later.


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