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Inazuma Eleven 2 – subject title screens (ssssssss)

I finally gave in and took the time to work on the title screens.  They were a pain and I don’t really like how the “threat of the blizzard Invasion” part turned out.  I am almost done.  There is some random stuff on the bottom that I should work on.  I feel though that this might be a waste of time.  Mainly due to not liking how it has turned out.  If I go back it will be 8 screens worth of editing.

AGAIN… sigh….

The thing is I  could just replace them all with what I want to put instead of working with what was there before and with an edited “Inazuma Eleven” graphic from the first IE1.

This could just be the conservator in me.  Apparently the training where they ground in keeping as much of the original (object/work) has slipped into other parts of my life.

May be why I am loath to change my semi comfortable situation….

Anyways this is how I am.  Before the conservation schooling I would not have though twice about just doing it completely over and completely different.  Now though, if there is any chance I can respect the original work by keeping as much of it as possible, I will.

My job on the farm, the man I used to work with would often laugh at the new farmers.  “Why are you buying a completely new one when the old one isn’t even broken.  Don’t fix or replace something until you have to.  If it’s not broken what are you fixing?”

I think that has applied through a large portion of my life.

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