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Itadaki street ds isc

Blah.  I knew I would have to deal with this sometime.

I was going to ramble here.  I erased a full hours worth of writing.  Writing used to figure it out.  I have to figure out the how part of the map files (the .isc).  The map files for Itadaki street Ds are actually matrices.  I have no experience with matrix stuff.  Matrix work on the ds is set in a 3by3 or 4by3 way.  these matrices can be multiplied by a 4by4, a 3by3 and a translation matrix by a 3by3 matrix.  These matrices are used to load the parts of images up.  I have no idea if this is actually easier than just loading the image directly the way it supposed to be.  There are quite a few areas in this game where space is clearly not an issue. Yet the important stuff seems to have space saved.  (said in a deep reverberating voice).   Annoying as I have a small idea as to why this was done.  To prove it though I will need to find a demo (smaller version and less features) of this game.   the programmers rushed to finish the demo and/or tried to save space.  The full version is based off of files from the demo.

So now I get to do some math, hope to high heck I have the right matrices involved… what I need to figure out is how the numbers are set up.  After taking a peak at some documents I am not supposed to have I still have no idea what to do to figure this out.

Fraction math?

But from what to what?

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