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its been 12 years…

Its been 12 years and living with next to no possessions has proven too difficult for me to handle.  Even though my master has long been dead I feel the need to apologize.

Sorry your way is not my way.   (a joke between the two of us)

I have done my best to live in that way.  Time for me to move on to my way.

In weird way I hope this selfishness is not something I come to regret.

For the hacking/translation front this doesn’t really change anything.  Just a personal change in my lifetstyle.

I have to get tested for certain things.  Its a yearly thing for me and this year this is the second time.  On recommendation form the one doctor.   I have had the same results for 19 years.   I have spent the last ten years filling out the last item on my first list of 100 things to do before I die.  Know the true depths of love.  (or something like that, the meaning has changed over the years)

So, the options I had before were to be a part of change or to share my passion for the beauty around me.   I know sounds crazy

I understand the basic foundations of chemistry and the physics of reaction.  Even so I could learn/teach more about change.  By just be being alive I share my passion, there is just too much for me to hold to myself.

So I find myself looking for direction.  Even though I will always be where I need to be on my path its nice to have a goal.

Okay enough esoteric weirdness.

This last week I was helping with a basic menu patch for Inazuma Eleven2.  Even though my personal feeling is that translating something that may be officially translated by someone else, soon, is pointless.  Going from it to digimon story lost evolution.   I am tired time to sleep.

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