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How can I not share the intensity of which the world affects me so.   The passion brought forth from it for it enrages inside of me.  The sheer beauty surrounding me….

The confusion from the fact that others do not share in this beauty or the the joy it brings.  Just being able to experience the beauty that is free to be had by anyone, this magnificent feeling can be intense and thus I may seem intense also: but my intensity is but a fraction of what I truly feel.


Its more than just one small description of an experience had in one moment.  It is the continued experience that does not end.  The addition to the beauty that was there before but now only seen from a different view.  Still just a continuation of what was before and shall continue with or without me.


So how can my passion be negative?… Well it can still be too intense and thus too much for anyone other than myself to handle.   Thus I find myself apologizing for what seems to be nothing.  Even though I really am sorry that I decided not share a moment of beauty with someone else, as I cannot share with them for fear that it is just too much for them to handle.  Thus an insult unintended, unvoiced but none the less an insult still.  For fear of them somehow being less than I…

Note though I consider myself inferior to everyone simply from my inability to fully share this passion,  with them.

I am afraid that my actions will never be enough.  A small part me has the belief that eventually I will come across someone who has this same intensity.

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