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Itadaki street ds isc

August 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Blah.  I knew I would have to deal with this sometime.

I was going to ramble here.  I erased a full hours worth of writing.  Writing used to figure it out.  I have to figure out the how part of the map files (the .isc).  The map files for Itadaki street Ds are actually matrices.  I have no experience with matrix stuff.  Matrix work on the ds is set in a 3by3 or 4by3 way.  these matrices can be multiplied by a 4by4, a 3by3 and a translation matrix by a 3by3 matrix.  These matrices are used to load the parts of images up.  I have no idea if this is actually easier than just loading the image directly the way it supposed to be.  There are quite a few areas in this game where space is clearly not an issue. Yet the important stuff seems to have space saved.  (said in a deep reverberating voice).   Annoying as I have a small idea as to why this was done.  To prove it though I will need to find a demo (smaller version and less features) of this game.   the programmers rushed to finish the demo and/or tried to save space.  The full version is based off of files from the demo.

So now I get to do some math, hope to high heck I have the right matrices involved… what I need to figure out is how the numbers are set up.  After taking a peak at some documents I am not supposed to have I still have no idea what to do to figure this out.

Fraction math?

But from what to what?

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its been 12 years…

August 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Its been 12 years and living with next to no possessions has proven too difficult for me to handle.  Even though my master has long been dead I feel the need to apologize.

Sorry your way is not my way.   (a joke between the two of us)

I have done my best to live in that way.  Time for me to move on to my way.

In weird way I hope this selfishness is not something I come to regret.

For the hacking/translation front this doesn’t really change anything.  Just a personal change in my lifetstyle.

I have to get tested for certain things.  Its a yearly thing for me and this year this is the second time.  On recommendation form the one doctor.   I have had the same results for 19 years.   I have spent the last ten years filling out the last item on my first list of 100 things to do before I die.  Know the true depths of love.  (or something like that, the meaning has changed over the years)

So, the options I had before were to be a part of change or to share my passion for the beauty around me.   I know sounds crazy

I understand the basic foundations of chemistry and the physics of reaction.  Even so I could learn/teach more about change.  By just be being alive I share my passion, there is just too much for me to hold to myself.

So I find myself looking for direction.  Even though I will always be where I need to be on my path its nice to have a goal.

Okay enough esoteric weirdness.

This last week I was helping with a basic menu patch for Inazuma Eleven2.  Even though my personal feeling is that translating something that may be officially translated by someone else, soon, is pointless.  Going from it to digimon story lost evolution.   I am tired time to sleep.

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August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

How can I not share the intensity of which the world affects me so.   The passion brought forth from it for it enrages inside of me.  The sheer beauty surrounding me….

The confusion from the fact that others do not share in this beauty or the the joy it brings.  Just being able to experience the beauty that is free to be had by anyone, this magnificent feeling can be intense and thus I may seem intense also: but my intensity is but a fraction of what I truly feel.


Its more than just one small description of an experience had in one moment.  It is the continued experience that does not end.  The addition to the beauty that was there before but now only seen from a different view.  Still just a continuation of what was before and shall continue with or without me.


So how can my passion be negative?… Well it can still be too intense and thus too much for anyone other than myself to handle.   Thus I find myself apologizing for what seems to be nothing.  Even though I really am sorry that I decided not share a moment of beauty with someone else, as I cannot share with them for fear that it is just too much for them to handle.  Thus an insult unintended, unvoiced but none the less an insult still.  For fear of them somehow being less than I…

Note though I consider myself inferior to everyone simply from my inability to fully share this passion,  with them.

I am afraid that my actions will never be enough.  A small part me has the belief that eventually I will come across someone who has this same intensity.

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