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An interview and fear

First duel love; jjjewel has produced some information on the yklz header-ed files. Which means all I need is it to write a compressor/decompressor. Or to get someone to do it for me. I know how to get the yklz files out of the second container file, but not how to decompress/re-compress them back. (even though jjjewel has figured that out, what I meant is a way to automate 300+ files and folders decompression).

Random life stuff:

After 6 months of waiting I finally had an interview. My instincts though were telling me to not take the job.
Nevermind the 5+ minutes of shaking fear… Which was a first for me… before the interview. I actually managed to go in the store and look right at the cash desk… Some of you are probably thinking big deal. For me that day was the first real challenge I have had in 11 years. More scary than when I first found out that I had heart disease and the lung cancer. Less then 20 minutes away – walking.
This week was the first time in months that I have walked unarmed.

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