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I decided to broaden my view so to speak.  Even though psychologically I know I am not ready to go back to work in a grocery store, that is what I am about to do.  Grocery store jobs are not that hard to get.  My fear of being stabbed and or shot or having some ignorant homophobe try to hurt me in some way has kept me pretty much locked inside since january.

Was so not worth minimum wage.   Since it was easier to let this happen to me than to continue on in something that honestly scared the crap out of me.  31 times I had a gun in my face, 1 time I narrowly avoided having my throat cut out.  Lost a good friend in there attempt to rob the store with the guy who was trying to cut my throat.  That friend lived through the robbery (with a broken arm and a very mangled hand), oh he was the partner of the guy with the knife.  I lost the friend because I let myself say things that I shouldn’t have.  He took those words a little too seriously and killed himself the next week.

I will miss him.  As he was once living proof that I can really do good for the world.

So, long term full time work in another city.

more later

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