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Digimon Story Lost Evolution

I offered to help with the graphics for this project.
I have slowly been going through the bg graphics files. trying to match nscr to ncgr and to nclr. the nclr I am not too worried about. I do though need to have an accurate rendering of the nscr and ncgr. As I have already encountered 5 graphics that are going to need a nscr edit. This is due to the ncgr edit that I am going to be doing once I work out the mess of nscr. 240 nscr 213 ncgr slight mismatch. unfortunately ct2 cannot render nscr seperately, it renders them on a named file basis. console tool is proving to be too buggy to render the graphics, which left me scouring the net… Tinke. It may not be able to edit the graphics but at least I know what maps(nscr) work for which graphic (ncgr).
So now you know what I have been doing for the last couple of days hacking wise. When I do it.

I have been spending extra time looking for work. Between bloor and yonge and eglington and yonge there was only one job posted and that job was errantly posting for waiters when it should have said watiress… It was not a polite response when I went to apply. Note I am not naming the establishment as I did wait for the owner to get there wso he understood that he better change the sign. As in now, before I sue him and force him to hire me due to his employees response when the sign clearly says “waiter wanted”. You should have seen him smile as he said you wouldn’t really sue me would you? I quoted his employee again… he literally ran to the sign… if he hadn’t apologized… sigh. I would be in a happier tone talking about how I just got a job. Even if I am not proud of how I got the job. So I took the Ttc back home where I cruised for work online.

Left with more time on my hands yet again. More tediousness…

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