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Strange street

Visited Strange street.  I wanted to check out the one parking lot and the park behind it.

The parking lot that used to be public, is now a parking lot for some sort of centre.  the park that used to be behind it and rightfully should not have been touched is now a crappily done garden… (very crappily).

I wish I had been able to attend the auction for the property… My own place on strange street…. sigh.

Well, I took a break from zoids battle coloseum as the pointer thing was getting irritating.

I moved on to Itadaki street to clean up some things and make sure I had a complete list of files that needed a translation.

Got two images done for itadaki.  (Sarcastic) feel the sense accomplishment.

Aside from that I am just depressed over my continued unemployment.  I am seriously thinking of selling everything and going to whatever city will hire me full time (again).

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