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the beach, a sick 2 year old and a surprise

I painted a friend of mines bedroom a couple of days ago.  Now you should know I am allergic to latex. The paint is latex.  I had to give myself the shot.  I had to take the pills, and I still feel like crap two days later.

So my boyfriend wanted to take the one specific nephew of his out to celebrate his going on to grade two… Whoo hoo…

Except this 7 year old could not make up his mind about what he wanted to do today… last minute not centre island.  We went to the beach, with his two year old brother who was sick and not doing anything.  I really do mean anything.

Fast forward a couple of hours we are back my bfs place, he finally (the sick two year old) goes to sleep.  Amazingly half an hour later I am asleep too.  Stayed asleep for the next two hours, when his dad came to pick them up.

So there I am awake, and needing something to do.  Here comes the surprise (for me)… A tool was ready for me… yeah…

Well onto the hacking side of this blog…

Zoids battle coliseum: I have been slowly dumping the script and instead of the slow pace of  maybe ten lines a day I got up to between 250-300 a day.  Still, I do not consider this much progress as I have maybe 900 lines (including line spaces and names).  So really about 600-ish lines.

Today I finally got someone other than the one guy interested in a french translation of Itadaki street ds….

But because I like variety I am helping out with someone elses project doing the graphics (it is actually two if the one guy stops changing his mind about what he wants me to do)…

So the one project I will wait on and the other I am now all set to dump and edit.

this means that I haven’t really done anything on any of my projects… and probably will not for a small bit of time.

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