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An interview and fear

July 29, 2011 Leave a comment

First duel love; jjjewel has produced some information on the yklz header-ed files. Which means all I need is it to write a compressor/decompressor. Or to get someone to do it for me. I know how to get the yklz files out of the second container file, but not how to decompress/re-compress them back. (even though jjjewel has figured that out, what I meant is a way to automate 300+ files and folders decompression).

Random life stuff:

After 6 months of waiting I finally had an interview. My instincts though were telling me to not take the job.
Nevermind the 5+ minutes of shaking fear… Which was a first for me… before the interview. I actually managed to go in the store and look right at the cash desk… Some of you are probably thinking big deal. For me that day was the first real challenge I have had in 11 years. More scary than when I first found out that I had heart disease and the lung cancer. Less then 20 minutes away – walking.
This week was the first time in months that I have walked unarmed.


on more later; continued form earlier post

July 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I used to look forward to being out and about.  This world is beautiful, and something to glory in.  These last months have had me itching for beauty.

Way too much time spent inside scared.  Strangely this is one of the reasons I left my small hometown I did not care for having people threaten me over the way I live my life.  I refused to stay inside (I wasn’t scared then).  Why should I be scared now.

Hacking update:

zoids battle coloseum:

I finally got the gmes to display correctly.  though I do have to use a larger font and cut out/down the actually translation.  which is fine as the descriptions didn’t really do the zoids justice in the first place.  I also will be doing the zoids girls names (I just don’t see the point).  I have a larger chunk of the script ready to translate.  not ready to get it translated yet.  As I have to find a translator.

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different search parameters

July 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I decided to broaden my view so to speak.  Even though psychologically I know I am not ready to go back to work in a grocery store, that is what I am about to do.  Grocery store jobs are not that hard to get.  My fear of being stabbed and or shot or having some ignorant homophobe try to hurt me in some way has kept me pretty much locked inside since january.

Was so not worth minimum wage.   Since it was easier to let this happen to me than to continue on in something that honestly scared the crap out of me.  31 times I had a gun in my face, 1 time I narrowly avoided having my throat cut out.  Lost a good friend in there attempt to rob the store with the guy who was trying to cut my throat.  That friend lived through the robbery (with a broken arm and a very mangled hand), oh he was the partner of the guy with the knife.  I lost the friend because I let myself say things that I shouldn’t have.  He took those words a little too seriously and killed himself the next week.

I will miss him.  As he was once living proof that I can really do good for the world.

So, long term full time work in another city.

more later

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Digimon Story Lost Evolution

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I offered to help with the graphics for this project.
I have slowly been going through the bg graphics files. trying to match nscr to ncgr and to nclr. the nclr I am not too worried about. I do though need to have an accurate rendering of the nscr and ncgr. As I have already encountered 5 graphics that are going to need a nscr edit. This is due to the ncgr edit that I am going to be doing once I work out the mess of nscr. 240 nscr 213 ncgr slight mismatch. unfortunately ct2 cannot render nscr seperately, it renders them on a named file basis. console tool is proving to be too buggy to render the graphics, which left me scouring the net… Tinke. It may not be able to edit the graphics but at least I know what maps(nscr) work for which graphic (ncgr).
So now you know what I have been doing for the last couple of days hacking wise. When I do it.

I have been spending extra time looking for work. Between bloor and yonge and eglington and yonge there was only one job posted and that job was errantly posting for waiters when it should have said watiress… It was not a polite response when I went to apply. Note I am not naming the establishment as I did wait for the owner to get there wso he understood that he better change the sign. As in now, before I sue him and force him to hire me due to his employees response when the sign clearly says “waiter wanted”. You should have seen him smile as he said you wouldn’t really sue me would you? I quoted his employee again… he literally ran to the sign… if he hadn’t apologized… sigh. I would be in a happier tone talking about how I just got a job. Even if I am not proud of how I got the job. So I took the Ttc back home where I cruised for work online.

Left with more time on my hands yet again. More tediousness…

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Strange street

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Visited Strange street.  I wanted to check out the one parking lot and the park behind it.

The parking lot that used to be public, is now a parking lot for some sort of centre.  the park that used to be behind it and rightfully should not have been touched is now a crappily done garden… (very crappily).

I wish I had been able to attend the auction for the property… My own place on strange street…. sigh.

Well, I took a break from zoids battle coloseum as the pointer thing was getting irritating.

I moved on to Itadaki street to clean up some things and make sure I had a complete list of files that needed a translation.

Got two images done for itadaki.  (Sarcastic) feel the sense accomplishment.

Aside from that I am just depressed over my continued unemployment.  I am seriously thinking of selling everything and going to whatever city will hire me full time (again).

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the beach, a sick 2 year old and a surprise

July 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I painted a friend of mines bedroom a couple of days ago.  Now you should know I am allergic to latex. The paint is latex.  I had to give myself the shot.  I had to take the pills, and I still feel like crap two days later.

So my boyfriend wanted to take the one specific nephew of his out to celebrate his going on to grade two… Whoo hoo…

Except this 7 year old could not make up his mind about what he wanted to do today… last minute not centre island.  We went to the beach, with his two year old brother who was sick and not doing anything.  I really do mean anything.

Fast forward a couple of hours we are back my bfs place, he finally (the sick two year old) goes to sleep.  Amazingly half an hour later I am asleep too.  Stayed asleep for the next two hours, when his dad came to pick them up.

So there I am awake, and needing something to do.  Here comes the surprise (for me)… A tool was ready for me… yeah…

Well onto the hacking side of this blog…

Zoids battle coliseum: I have been slowly dumping the script and instead of the slow pace of  maybe ten lines a day I got up to between 250-300 a day.  Still, I do not consider this much progress as I have maybe 900 lines (including line spaces and names).  So really about 600-ish lines.

Today I finally got someone other than the one guy interested in a french translation of Itadaki street ds….

But because I like variety I am helping out with someone elses project doing the graphics (it is actually two if the one guy stops changing his mind about what he wants me to do)…

So the one project I will wait on and the other I am now all set to dump and edit.

this means that I haven’t really done anything on any of my projects… and probably will not for a small bit of time.

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