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to do list continued

I got side tracked trying to train my ocr software for japanese characters.  when I realize it really doesn’t want me to do it.  Why so they can people to buy more of their dysfunctional software.  IF you are gonna call it pro adn make claims of being able to do this and that then it better do the this and that.  Having to pay them for a phone call to have them tell me that I need to get this other software and that that is not really what it was meant for…. even though when I first asked they sold me that specific one with a audible guaranteeing that it would be better.

“Yes that is exactly what I said, I record my phone calls.  ….   Are you really trying to disagree with me, why do you think I asked for you specificly?  You are the exact same person I was talking to the first time… …. … yeah well that isn’t good enough.  Yeah you have a good day too…”

and so… here I am avoiding 3200 lines of script that needs organizing….

I did not get to vacuum, did not apply to 3-5 jobs.   I also wasted too much time looking for yet another trainable japanese supportive ocr software.

Here I am looking for a sign that this is still the path for me…

can you feel the excitement.

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