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the last few days june 2011

I had to clean up the apartment due to the needed cosmetic and impending danger (the ceiling is slowly caving in in the bedroom, and the wall – oy).  I have realized that ten years have just passed me by.  If you read the previous post then you know that other things have come to bite me too.


well on to the the Gaming aspect of the blog;

I have been researching other games related to deul love in hopes of decoding the compression used in the pth and ptd files.  So far only golgo13 has the files that I find in these.  Useful not really.

SO I moved on to Itadaki street Ds.  I did four images.  Moved on to Sakura Taisen after that.  I have gotten some of the first chapter done.  Then some miscellaneous text.

Now I am depressed over the lack of work I am still finding… and thinking of what I would like to do that I haven’t gotten done in the last ten years of my life.  So tommorow maybe I will be working the zoids coloseum script.  Screenshot and organize then post.  2700 lines, left…. and I get to see If I can track an overlay pointer…

edit: now not a mature post…

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