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to do list continued

June 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I got side tracked trying to train my ocr software for japanese characters.  when I realize it really doesn’t want me to do it.  Why so they can people to buy more of their dysfunctional software.  IF you are gonna call it pro adn make claims of being able to do this and that then it better do the this and that.  Having to pay them for a phone call to have them tell me that I need to get this other software and that that is not really what it was meant for…. even though when I first asked they sold me that specific one with a audible guaranteeing that it would be better.

“Yes that is exactly what I said, I record my phone calls.  ….   Are you really trying to disagree with me, why do you think I asked for you specificly?  You are the exact same person I was talking to the first time… …. … yeah well that isn’t good enough.  Yeah you have a good day too…”

and so… here I am avoiding 3200 lines of script that needs organizing….

I did not get to vacuum, did not apply to 3-5 jobs.   I also wasted too much time looking for yet another trainable japanese supportive ocr software.

Here I am looking for a sign that this is still the path for me…

can you feel the excitement.

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June 21st 2011 (that day’s) to do list

June 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I have to:

Work out (its gonna be hard – I have a very very bad sunburn – I haven’t slept that much since sunday) .  Yep that hurt as much as I thought it would.

Go back to and organize Zoids battle coloseum script (really there is 3200 lines).  I don’t know why I keep putting this off.

Get a new phone and or get a replacement cable for my old phone.

Apply to 3-5 jobs.

finish vacuuming.

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the last few days june 2011

June 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I had to clean up the apartment due to the needed cosmetic and impending danger (the ceiling is slowly caving in in the bedroom, and the wall – oy).  I have realized that ten years have just passed me by.  If you read the previous post then you know that other things have come to bite me too.


well on to the the Gaming aspect of the blog;

I have been researching other games related to deul love in hopes of decoding the compression used in the pth and ptd files.  So far only golgo13 has the files that I find in these.  Useful not really.

SO I moved on to Itadaki street Ds.  I did four images.  Moved on to Sakura Taisen after that.  I have gotten some of the first chapter done.  Then some miscellaneous text.

Now I am depressed over the lack of work I am still finding… and thinking of what I would like to do that I haven’t gotten done in the last ten years of my life.  So tommorow maybe I will be working the zoids coloseum script.  Screenshot and organize then post.  2700 lines, left…. and I get to see If I can track an overlay pointer…

edit: now not a mature post…

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the path…

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

The path at times can seem long and ardous, at other times simple and many fold.  You may not know where you will end up, but as that is a lesson that is part of the journey. Indeed the first step  for some people, for him meeting me was a reminder of what you can do. Yesterday I came across someone whom I had set upon their path.  He didn’t remember me at first but he was freaked out about how much I knew about him and after reminding him who I was, he freaked out even more about how much I could tell had happened to him in the 18 years since we had last met.  Less amazed by the fact that I am still alive, as he is…

So we shared about a little of what we had learned.  I feel that he finally learned from this meeting – that the path may start in a physical location but that is not where it is or how it is…

I gave him some energy reiki style as he did for me, then I showed him how to do two of the other ways.  One he almost had found himself the other he won’t understand until he masters the other.  There is one left but he agrees he will never have a use for that technique as he had lost the ability physically to do it the very day we had met, but he still listened in case he needed to explain it to someone else.  (even though he couldn’t do it).

I really miss the temple music…

Which is why I stopped at all, he was singing it…

I stayed here in north america, he traveled the world, and yet here we are pretty much where we started but not where we ended…

If anybody understands this, I could use some companionship to discuss this further.

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